When the future is sh*t

The second book in the sh*t series, if you haven't read the first book I highly suggest you read it, it is called 'Magic or some sh*t'
~ Mituna x


3. Three.

 It was awful... watching him writhe like that, in the dirt, eyes wide and bloodshot, hands reaching out and helplessly groping for help. Trying to scream, to speak but all that comes out is a hoarse croak, a cry for anyone, but no one comes... no one takes another step for fear of their life. Not wanting to be in the same situation. Steven and I had both been bitten, he his shoulder, I my neck...

But for some reason I was still here watching, waiting, thinking I'd be next.

But nothing happens. 

I just sit there watching my friend...

Thinking, I wish I didn't have eyes.

God I wish I couldn't see.

We had got into the car, both bleeding, and I'll never forget what he told me. 

"Kill me before I change.... for the love of everything. God and life itself."

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