When the future is sh*t

The second book in the sh*t series, if you haven't read the first book I highly suggest you read it, it is called 'Magic or some sh*t'
~ Mituna x


1. one.



The wind felt cold on my face as I walked home that very evening, nobody could of anticipated what I experienced that night.

They swarmed in through the windows, smashing holes in the walls and doors, i could only think of one thing, Jen and Felix, goddammit they weren't safe! 

I ran home as fast as my legs would take me, not caring that disgusting things were following close behind. When i got home the windows were already smashed, the interior wrecked, my girlfriend and only child hiding away in the closet. 

"Thank the heavens and stars above us, youre okay." i held them both tight, savouring that moment before the creatures found us and hunted us down.

They cut me off from the other two, dragging me away while Jen screamed in protest, Felix bawling.

The only place we could see again would be the hideout, the hospital, the only home from home we'll ever know.

That night i made a promise.

"I will come back for you, for my heart won't live on until then."

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