When the future is sh*t

The second book in the sh*t series, if you haven't read the first book I highly suggest you read it, it is called 'Magic or some sh*t'
~ Mituna x


5. five

I was wrong.

I woke up what seemed like a good while later, staring at a sky full of stars, wondering for a moment at how something so beautiful could be so goddamn horrific, on so many levels. But there I was staring at the sky dismally, with wide eyes, trying to figure out what to do next.

A little while later I lifted myself away from the cold and dirty grass, which was strewn with Icy morning dew that seemed out of place among the patchy brown and green soil. Untying what was left of Stephen from the fence in which I had chained him, and proceeded to wander away from the place that I knew so well. 

I Headed back through the once golden fields, full of glistening, beautiful flowers, but now left dull and grey. Hopping over a stile and climbing onto the roof of an old and crooked-looking kind of shed.

I knew there was a lab not too far from here and I spotted it's shiny walls almost immediately, pulling poor Stephen through the field desperately trying to get to the doors of the large building.

When I reached the doors, they were locked, which was so typical, and resulted in my fist going straight through the glass of the large window, a little to the left of the doors.

I split my knuckles open straight across from left to right, and hell did it hurt, but as I tied Stephen to the door handle, and climbed in through the empty window pane... It didn't seem to hurt all that much. 

I found a couple of lab coats and ripped off the sleeves, creating a makeshift bandage in which to stem the blood dripping down my wrist and onto the floor. Before raiding through cupboard after cupboard of chemicals.

I found acids, alkalis, Bases, neutralisers, all sorts of funny equipment and a lead box, which was locked. I took a smallish hammer from the counter in front of me and brought it down upon the lock with such a force that the lock buckled under the pressure.

Inside the little box was a few filled syringes and a roughly written note that read: 'for the lucky ones -George.' 

When he was still in his learning stages a few weeks back, George had dabbled in chemicals and found what he assumed was an antidote. He had given me strict instructions on how to inject myself, and told me to give him the box soon after I had found it.

There was only one problem. He hadn't predicted where he would be, and I didn't know my way to the place in which he would be in the most likely circumstances. I was stuck in the middle with only a few options.

1) Inject myself and wander around in hope that I'll find myself somewhere familiar. 

2) inject myself and wait for something to turn up.

3) Not inject myself, and hope for the best.

Or 4) Inject myself and run back to my home, hoping that Jen and Felix may be there.

I'm a sucker for the sweet route, and so being the idiot that I am, I decided on the easiest option. I took out a syringe and sucked in a large breath of air, pushing the needle under my skin and pressing the liquid into my bloodstream. 

I chuckled at the odd feeling of dizziness as I threw the empty syringe onto the counter, and took my belt from around my waist, tying it around the lead box to secure it, before picking it up and heading for the window.

The throbbing pain in my hand had died down a little as I sighed, climbing out and wandering over nearer to Stephen before, untying him yet again, and twisting on my feet, running the whole of the way back to my old house.

I think I've finally realised what I'm doing... And you know... This world... Is full of crap.... this scenery... Still looks.... Exactly the same.

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