A Smile You Can't Stop Loving

A girl name Megan is trying to get somewhere in life and become well known for her art work when she suddenly meets Black Veil Brides. She couldn't help but fall in love with the drummer name Christian 'CC' Coma.


6. Last day

Megan's pov

I finally woken up. I look over and notice it's the next day. I got up to finally change. I went to leave my room and suddenly Ash fall over in his sleep, then scream...it didn't help matters that I screamed too. Everyone came running, but CC, to see what's the matter. Ash finally stood up quickly and said he fine. He suddenly turn around and looked at me with a questioning look. "Are you okay?" He ask. "I guess.." I said while passing him to the living room. "Morning Megan." Jake said while passing me a plate of food. "Thank you, but you didn't have too." I said appreciating it. "No, thank you. It's nice that you let us stay." He said. I just stay down to eat. Nick and Angie finally came by to talk about the last day of the music video. They both kinda felt like something was wrong. Angie came over to sit with me. She notice I wasn't giving her much attention so she started poking me. "What.." I said a little to loudly. Everyone turned and look at me. She was just surprised. "Sorry..I'm just not feeling alright today." I said softly. "That's okay, Ash told me what happened. He got worried about you." She said softy padding my arm lightly. That's when I look over to see where CC is at. He was no where to be found. I just got up and place my plate in the sink. I walked outside and saw CC smoking a cigarette with Andy. They both look up and I just walked up to them. "I..I just want to say I'm sorry about last night." I said before walking to the car. Ash came running out. "I'm going to the carnival now." I said. "Can I come with you?" Ash ask. "Sure." I shrugged. We drove in silent. We walked around in silences. "Are you okay?" Ash finally asked. I looked at him once and broke down crying. He came to hug me and told me everything will be okay. The guys at the Ferris wheel had notice and ran over. "Did you do this punk? Or your friend?" They all talked at once. "Don't worry about it." Is all ash could say. One of them push Ash. "Heyy..there no need for that!" I said from being sad to annoyed. "Don't get in trouble..please don't." Is all I could really say. The rest of the black veil brides finally came. "Hey. Is everything alright?" Andy ask. The guys just went back to the Ferris wheel without a word but with glares towards Ash and suddenly towards CC.   

CC's pov  

I could barely sleep. Last night wasn't what I expected. I gotten up and gotten dress for the day. I just went outside to wait to go. I just couldn't help but lend against the car and think of last night. I couldn't shake it. Andy suddenly came outside and stand next to me. He grab a cigarette and pass one to me. "I'm sorry..." He started to say. I Shuck my hand at him not to continue. "I really am sorry. I know you like her, I didn't mean to ruin it for you with her. I just get a bit jealous...you know how I get at times." He continued to say rubbing the back of his neck in stress. "It's okay, I guess..at one point it would have happen." I said then smoking my cigarette. Suddenly Megan walked outside. We both look up at her while she walked to us. "I..I just want to say I'm sorry about last night." She said before walking to her car. Ash came running out. "I'm going to the carnival now." She said. "Can I come with you?" Ash ask. "Sure." She shrugged. She seems so unsure, I now kinda feel bad how I reacted last night.   

Andy's pov  

We watched Megan and Ash off to the carnival. I looked at CC and he seem torn. "Why don't you go talk to her?" I ask him. "How can I now?" He ask back with another question. "It shouldn't be that hard, just go to her and talk about it." I said unsure. "I mess up last night. I didn't give her the chance to talk to me. I just left her hanging.." He was so heartbroken. "Let's get everyone together and go catch up with them. I know I like her too, but go after her. She worth everything to you..." I said with confidence, trying to hide my feelings for her too.   

Megan's pov  

I turned around to walk towards the bathroom. "Megan..wait up." CC said while trying to caught up with me. I suddenly stop and he abruptly ran into me. "Can we talk, please." CC ask nicely. I turned around to look at him. "Yes." I said while looking down. "I'm sorry that I didn't give you the chance to talk last night. It was a mess up moved on my part..." He started to say. That's when I look up at him straight in the eyes. "You had every right to be mad. I didn't mean to make it look that way. It was just...Andy wanted to hear me sing." I couldn't help but ramble on. "It's okay, me and Andy work it out also." He said. "He was the one to push me to talk to you again. Can we start all..." He started to say. I couldn't help but to cut him off with a kiss. "I guess that's a yes." He laughed. "Yes, I would like to start all over for you." I giggled. We walked holding hands and the group couldn't help but smile that we work things out.   

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