I Have To Hold On

Just a little romance with something left unsaid. In the deepest part of the sea. I can't live but so hard to die. With flames burning in my soul. My sweet sin brings a void to a lonely night.


1. I Have To Hold On

Something left unsaid

The deepest part of the sea

I see a shadow

From the depths of a struggle


I can not live but it is hard to die

Flames are burning my soul

From my lips the words now flow

My sweet sin brings a void


I ache to hear my lonely night

By your blood I am tainted

As a page turned you slipped away

I just wander around


On my lips is your name

Just to many lies have been told 

A bridge of heartache I feel

While I slip and fall


I have to hold on

Or I will wash away

With the tide of times

I am tired and weary

A bridge of heartache

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