Amnesia Part One: Sequel to 5sos Zombie Appocalypse


3. Summer Rains

Adria's P.O.V.*

  "Can you, like, stop driving like a fucking maniac? Please." I said, Luke's driving was intense and it scared me. He chuckled in disbelief. "Uh, hey, have we met?" He spat. I rolled my eyes and turned on a mix tape. I reached for the volume and Luke slapped my hand away. I looked at him in shock. "Really Luke?" Calum asked from the back. "Guys, can we just have a good time? I'm not going to listen to you two bicker this whole ride." Ashton said, leaning back in his seat. His gold curls fell around his greasy face. We haven't showered in a long time. I miss showering. "He started it." I moped. He gave me a dirty look and focused on the road.


 "Whatever..." Luke said. I saw Cal roll his eyes through the rear-view mirror. Luke, being a dick that he was, reached for the stereo and switched it off. "What the actual fuck? You're just doing this because you know that it pisses me off. Stop it." I put my feet on the dashboard and closed my eyes. "You don't need to listen to that shit." He hissed. "Pfft... whatever, it's  better than your crap."


"Stop it now!" Ashton raised his voice. "I'm not doing anything, she is." Luke fired back. "Just shut the fuck up okay?!" I never heard Ash yell like that. "Yeah Luke, shut up."

  "You shut up too Adria." Ashton mumbled. "Whatever." I snickered. I opened my eyes and began looking very interested in my cracked and worn nail polish. I began picking the remaining pieces off. Silence fell over the car. This was going to be a hell of a ride.

   "Do you hate me or something Luke?" I looked over at him, my heart put a pain in my chest. He might be my ex, but he was still my... friend. He sighed and looked at me for a second then turned his attention back to the road. "No..." He huffed. "Then why are you treating me like I'm scum?" I raised an eye brow.

    "You're just too... too... ugh, just shut up and leave me alone." He rolled his eyes and blushed. His pale hands gripped the steering wheel. I puffed out my cheeks and let out a long sigh. 

     The rest of the day was filled with sighs and huffs. We all took turns driving. Too eager and afraid to stop and all rest for the night. Tonight was strangely deserted. Not a biter in sight. It was weird. "Where do you think they all went?" I asked Calum. He switched Ash, who switched Luke from the driving position. Luke and Ash were both passed out in the back seat of the car.

    "No idea. Maybe they all migrated somewhere where there is food." He shrugged and checked the gas needle thing on the dashboard.

    "We're almost out. We need to refill soon." Great... almost anything can happen when we're stopped and refilling gas. Biters can come out of no where. I shuddered. "I think we can last up to a mile or two until we need to refill." I stated.

    "Listen Adria, I know that anxiety when we stop and refill the tank. We just can't let that get in the way of our objection." That was the most intelligent thing I've heard Cal say in a while. "Okay..." I nodded.

    "So, look for a place for us to stop for, like, five minutes and we'll refill the tank and be gone." I nodded and did as told. There weren't a lot of places for us to stop. We were kind of in a small town in the tall woods of, I have absolute no fucking idea. "Oh!" I said a little bit too loud and pointed in the direction of a deserted gas station. "Nice..." Calum smiled and we pulled into the gas station.

    "Hurry, we have five minutes depending on our options." He demanded. I got out and grabbed my knives while Cal grabbed his cross bow and the gallon of gas. We looked around a bit. Coast was clear. So, we filled the gas tank about five gallons and headed off. My heart was racing from the adrenaline of not being ambushed by biters.

     "Good job. You did good Adria." He looked at me then turned his attention on the road. "Yeah... Can't we just rest until morning now, I really don't feel comfortable driving right now." He sighed and nodded, pulling over and putting the car in park. He locked the doors and made sure the windows were rolled up before turning the key and the car turned off.

      "Thank you." I said and got to the best position I could get in and fell asleep. 


    I awoke to the sound of the car engine revving and opened my eyes to see the bright morning sunlight. "Good morning sleeping beauty." Ashton said from the drivers seat and playfully nudged me with his free hand. I sat up and buckled in smiling at Ash. "How did you sleep?" I asked. He shrugged as we drove down a highway. "I slept about as good as an man during a zombie apocalypse who's sleeping in the back seat of a car." He joked and we laughed. "Nah, I slept good. How did you sleep?" He asked. 

     "I too, slept good." I smiled and yawned. "So, are you excited to see Mikey again?" He asked and looked at me.

      "Yeah- OH MY GOD! WATCH OUT-"




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