Amnesia Part One: Sequel to 5sos Zombie Appocalypse


1. Missing You

Adria's P.O.V*

We watched the helicopter take off and leave us behind. "It will be okay, we'll see him soon." Calum gave me a reassuring smile and gave me an awkward side hug. "I know... I just wish we'd see him sooner than later." I turned on my heel and walked to my tent, for I was planning on staying the rest of the night there. Skipping dinner, I was far too sad to eat.

"Knock, knock!" I heard from outside my tent. I sighed and sat up on my cot. "Come in." Luke walked in to my surprise. He smiled and me and pulled a chair up next to the cot. "Yes?" I asked, annoyed. "I just wanted to come give you some comfort." I looked at him and he placed his hand on my shoulder.

"If you need to cry, you can. I know you're going to miss him the most. I know how these things affect you." He said, pulling his lip ring in between his teeth. I nodded and I know I shouldn't have given in, but I broke down again and cried into his shoulder. He rubbed soothing circles on the small of my back. I forgot about this. How this felt. How it felt to... nevermind, it doesn't matter.

My sobs grew quieter and my eyes heavy with drowsiness. I started to drift to my dreams and I felt Luke laying me on my cot. He pulled the blankets over me and leaned down. He kissed my forehead. I felt like I was a little girl, being tucked in by her dad. I smiled. "Goodnight Dri." He left me alone with my thoughts and my dreams.


Luke's P.O.V*

I tucked Adria in and left her tent. I know she's having a hard time coping with all of this. I know because... that's what she did when I left her. I walked into my dimly lit room and saw Jenna in our cot sleeping quietly. Oh, beautiful Jenna. I don't know what I'd do if I lost her. She's the love of my life, I couldn't bare it. That's part of the reason I comforted Adria, I put it into perspective.

I slipped under the covers beside her warm body and spooned her. I soon drifted to sleep.


I awoke with this pain in my head, and an empty space next to me. Jenna probably left to help with the children of the city. I yawned and stood up, walking over to a med-table to get some migraine medicine. I popped the pills into my mouth and swallowed them with water. I pulled on my boots and a jacket and walked out of my tent.

The sky was covered in gray wispy clouds, the sun hidden by the upcoming storm. "Luke! We need you in the med-tent!" I heard Meghan from behind me. "Okay, I'll be right there." I rushed to the med-tent and went to our supervisor, Justin. "What's going on sir?" I asked. Usually he doesn't call me in unless it's really an emergency.

"I've received word on Michael's where abouts. Change of plans, they're taking him for a little while longer than a month. His tests were ground breaking- Anyway, that's not why I sent you here. I'm sending you, Calum, Ash, and Adria to go get copies of his tests." I nodded and was waved off to go get Cal, Ash, and Adria so we could get ready.

"So... what exactly is going on?" Calum asked me as we got settled into the jeep. "We're going to go get some copies of Michael's tests. We also need to check up on him. Word is he's gonna be a lot longer than a month."

"What?" I heard Adria from the passenger seat say. "You heard me." I feel like being a complete dick to everyone just because I feel like it. "Why?" She asked and turned to look at me. "I don't fucking know. Maybe to run some more tests." I rolled my eyes at her and put the rest of the supplies in the trunk. "This is enough to last us maybe two weeks." I slammed the trunk shut and hopped in the drivers seat. 


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