Hi, I'm Beth. I am just a simple girl who went to college, just like an ordinary person would do, but it turns out, I was wrong, I was chosen for something else.


2. The Little and The Tall

“Who’s who? Beth, what are you talking about?” Meg asked, now looking terrified

“You were there Meg, I saw you”

“No I wasn’t. I was going to the diner when I saw you leave so I followed you. I was never there Beth”

My mind turned upside down. I don’t know what just happened. Am I hallucinating? Am I crazy?  I don’t  know. I was still looking at the empty road trying to think what had happened. Meg was still looking at me puzzled. Then out of nowhere, I heard something

“Help” Sounding like a girl’s voice. I jumped out of my feet.

“What’s that?”  Meg said.

“You heard that too?” I asked

“of course I heard it--” Meg was talking when the voice called again

“Help!” it said,  now even louder.

“We should go” I said, still having goosebumps.

“What?  No. Somebody needs our help and it’s coming that way.” Meg said suddenly all so brave. Meg started to walk beside the street where there are Oak trees. Only a few lights can be seen. She walked between the trees as I tried to follow her and not to trip from the tree roots at the same time. Meg was going fast then stopped. I wondered why she stopped so I look to where she was looking. A girl over a tree was crying. She has a long blonde hair down to her waist but with a light blue highlights, her Caribbean blue eyes are so bright it’s almost as if it was actually lighting up. She’s wearing a light blue dress that matches her hair.

“Please help me I’m stuck” the little girl said. None of us moved, both Meg and I were shocked at the random girl. “please help, my dress got stuck” she continued looking at us. So,  I snapped out and helped her. Her dress really is stuck, It was pierced in some of the branches on the ground, Meg came in and helped. We carefully took every branches away from her dress so it won’t ruin it. Her dress was so beautiful up close, its fabric was so soft,  the softest thing I have ever held.


“Thank you so much” The girl said as she stand up.

“You’re welcome.” Meg said.

“Why are you here anyway, it’s too dark” I said.

“You’ll see” she said then started walking.

“Hey wait up. Where are you going?” Meg said as we both followed her.

“You’ll see” she said again.

Meg and I followed her for about five minutes when she finally stopped.

“My name is Fanahy by the way” the little girl said, smiling, now facing us. “And this is Zi” she continued, snapped her fingers and with the blink of an eye everything changed.

Suddenly it’s daytime, the trees were gone and we’re in the middle of an open space full with lavenders.

“whoa” Meg said, jaw dropped.

“What just happened?” I asked.

“Welcome to the land of Zi” Fanahy said grinning at us.

“What?” Meg said.

“This is not real” I said, both of them looked at me frowning “I’m just hallucinating, I saw Meg that is not really Meg and now I’m in some place. This is not real”

Fanahy chuckled. “You are not crazy Beth, this is real, just another part of the world. Come on we can’t stay here, it’s going to be late soon”

“So?” I asked

“Nothing” Fanahy said smiling “You just don’t want to play with malgranda fairies” she continued with a chuckle that sounded rather scared.

“a what fairies?” Meg asked.

“malgranda fairies” Fanahy said as she walks forward.

“What’s that?” I asked as we followed her.

“Oh, there are a kind of fairies that is so playful,  you end up not really wanting to be with them”

“Why?” Meg asked

“Wait. Are you telling me that fairies are real?” I asked but Fanahy just laughed like I said something funny.

“Where are we going anyway?” Meg said

“To Koks“ Fanahy said as she continued to walk, now we are surrounded with Ponderosa pine trees

“What?” I said

“Koks. He is my friend” She said grinning

“Why?  Why do we have to see him?” I asked

“Because he knows why you are here?” Fanahy said

“but you’re the one who sent us here” I said

“Yes, that is right,  but you see I was just like a messenger. He told me to sent you here so I did and now we go to him”

The three of us continued to walk along the Ponderosa pines. I have no idea where are we going but I kinda don’t have a choice since Fanahy is the only one who knows this place. I was glad someone actually knows why we’re here. I can’t wait to see Koks to get this thing done and finally go back home.

“we’re here” Fanahy suddenly stopped.

“we are?” I asked. I don’t see any difference, it’s the same looking place.

“Koks!” Fanahy screamed, facing every direction as if she’s looking for someone. “Koks! Where are you?” she continued.

The three of us kept looking everywhere, even though but both Meg and I don’t really know what and who exactly we are looking for.

“Hahaha” we heard a loud and deep laugh.

“Koks, come on” Fanahy said. “show yourself.”

Then, out of nowhere, the ground began to shake.

“Whoa” Meg said as she came closer to me.

The tree from our right side,  that was so still, moved, its root came up from the ground and appeared like feet, its branches became looking like hands and a face appeared on its trunk.

“Hahaha” the deep, loud voiced continued to laugh, and is now clearly coming from the tree.

“Hello Koks” Fanahy said to the tree

“Hi” the tree said,  then looked at Meg then to me “Is that them?”

“Yes” Fanahy said with excitement. “Koks, this is Beth and Meg. Beth and Meg this is Koks”

“Oh it is so nice to meet you” Koks said with a lot of excitement in his voice . “Come on,  we got a long way to go”

“Wait what?” I said.

“we need to go to Agnello“ Koks said happily with his deep, loud voice.

“No. We need to go back. We’re not from here, we’re in college and we need to go back” I said.

“but you need to come” Fanahy said with her sweet voice.

“Why?” Meg said curiously.

“We’re nobody” I said. Koks and Fanahy looked at me then Fanahy started to laugh with her cute little laugh.

“No you’re not, silly” Fanahy said

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