Hi, I'm Beth. I am just a simple girl who went to college, just like an ordinary person would do, but it turns out, I was wrong, I was chosen for something else.


4. Not a Birthday Cake

We spent the whole day listening to Zaba’s stories,  mostly about him building his house alone, and how excited he is for his birthday tomorrow.

We were laying down, everybody else is already asleep except for me, I don’t know why but I can’t sleep no matter how I tried. But then someone moved, I opened my eyes and saw that it was Zaba, he stood up but he didn’t noticed that I was awake. He looked on everyone’s faces, looks like he was making sure we were all asleep, I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep then when he was finish checking, I opened my eyes just a little bit and saw him leaving the house.

“Meg!” I whispered.

“hmm?” Meg said, eyes closed.

“wake up!”


“Zaba was gone, he left”

“so? Maybe he’s just gonna do something”

“in the middle of the night?”

“Beth, just let him be” Meg said as she looked at me.

“there’s something weird about him Meg, and I’m going to find out what it is” I said standing up


“I’m gonna follow him” I said then went through the door

“wait, I’m coming with you” Meg said following me

Meg and I went outside, down the ladder, into the ground, then we saw something amazing. The whole lake was filled with floating lights, keep kinda like fireflies but a little bit bigger and in different colors. My mouth was wide open as I look at the lights, it was very beautiful. Meg and I slowly walked closer to the lights, then I noticed something, the lights are actually pixies. Small little pixies in different colors. We came in closer then some of the pixies came closer to us, Meg and I smiled to each other as we looked at the amazing view. The pixies surrounded us, I didn’t noticed but they are talking to us, but I don’t understand what they are talking about, their voices are too small to understand.

Then the pixies went into panic, they moved into different directions then suddenly they went away, all of them. Meg and I just stared and wondered what happened, why did they left? did we do something?

Then out of nowhere, we heard something, footsteps, walking towards us. Meg and I hid under the house, it was very dark.

“Mermaids, mermaids” we heard Zaba’s voice singing.

“Put me down you frog!” we heard another voice but we can’t really see anything, it’s too dark without the pixies' lights, but I’m pretty sure it was a girl’s voice.

“you know what,  tomorrow is my birthday” Zaba said.

“I don’t care! Put me down!”

“You know I can’t do that” Zaba said “hold on, I’m just gonna put a fire, I want my food cooked this time.”

Zaba started a fire, Meg and I finally saw what was really going on. There was a mermaid tied up, she’s on the ground now as Zaba prepared the fire.

“I just gonna put this thing on your mouth” Zaba said putting a fabric into the mermaid’s mouth. “ and I’m gonna eat you now”

Goosebumps filled my whole body, I can’t move, I don’t know what to do.

Zaba then slowly cut the mermaid’s tail as she tried to scream in pain. Zaba put the flesh into a stick and into the fire. Blood was all over the place.

“As I was saying” Zaba said,  still cutting the mermaid’s Tail. “tomorrow is my birthday, and I’ve got a very special friend who came for my birthday!” he continued “and you know what the best part is, he came with three humans!  Just in time for my birthday! I never had humans before!”

My eyes opened wide at what he said, my heart started to beat really fast, then I felt Meg hands. She pulled me then we went up the ladder.

“I wonder what they taste like, Koks is my friend but, humans seems delicious” we heard Zaba continued as Meg and I hurried back into the house.

“he’s going to eat us” I said in panic

“wake up! Fanahy! Koks!” Meg woke them up. The two got up immediately, seeing the horror in our faces.

“what happened? What is it?” Fanahy said

“he… he’s gonna eat us!” I said

“we have to go now!” Meg said.

The four of us got down out of the house very quiet. We carefully went down the ladder as we heard Zaba saying “I’m having humans for my birthday!” as the mermaid still was screaming through the fabric on her mouth.

The three of us got down the ladder except for Fanahy, she’s having a hard time, the ladder was too big for her little feet.

“Fanahy, faster” Meg whispered.

Everyone was panicking, my heart was still pounding I can hear it myself. Then…

“Oh wait” Zaba said “ I forgot something”

All of us stopped.

“My seasonings, no offense but you mermaids doesn’t really taste that good.” He said. “ let me just get it on my house”

My hard breathing suddenly stopped.

“Fanahy!” Meg whispered in panic.

“Help” Fanahy said.

Fanahy was still half way through the ladder, and Zaba was halfway through already. He was walking way too fast. Meg was still whispering Fanahy’s name as I stood there in horror watching Zaba walk closer to us leaving the bloody mermaid tied up as her flesh was roasted in fire.

Then Koks made the absolutely wisest decision. Apparently he was tall enough to reach Fanahy, and he just stood in front of the ladder and carried Fanahy in his arms.

We ran to the woods and never looked back.

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