This is about a homeless lady I know that I try to help her as much as I can to keep her safe. I go above and beyond for her. Why, right? Read this it will change your perspective on everything. Read it. Recommend it. Share it.


1. Virginia

     This isn't a regular story that I typically write. I have a lot on my mind but there is one thing I really want to write about. Everything that you will read in this story is true. I’m sitting in my car right now with a thousand things passing through my mind but there is only one thing that I can talk about. My best friend leaves for boot camp on Monday, tomorrow, we are going to visit a good friend of mine that passed away a couple months ago, and a lady Virginia that I’ve known for years is what is bothering me.
     When I was fourteen, I’m now nineteen, I started working at McDonalds. There was a homeless lady that would come in everyday to eat something, wash up in the bathroom, and hang out outside and do crazy things. She is schizophrenic and all day long I would watch people walk by her and shake their heads and laugh.
     It’s a horrible thing to watch being that she is the nicest lady I know. The story behind her is she has been homeless for years and her brother offers her a place to stay constantly. She won’t accept it. Crazy, right? Once a person has been homeless for so long, they begin to adapt to the environment. You live in a house and the thought of living outside scares you. Well it’s the complete opposite for Virginia.
     So her brother gives her money to stay fulfilled and safe. Back to when I said people make her a laughing stock, its bullshit. She isn’t the typical homeless person who begs for food or money to buy liquor. Virginia won’t bother you and if you try to offer her anything, and I mean anything, she will refuse to take it.
     That’s why I don’t understand why people are so rude to her. Virginia will sit inside of a restaurant like McDonalds or dunkin donuts, etc, and play the air piano or guitar but she has problems. Let her be and stop making fun of her. Like I said she is harmless and very sweet.
     I feel like I am the only person who talks to her. She still remembers me to this day. No matter where I see her, I stop and ask how she is doing. A few years later, I started working for taco bell. Virginia would come in almost everyday trying to actually buy food and they’d refuse to sell it to her while kicking her out. I would go buy food and bring it outside to her all the time. Refusing to take it from me, I forced it on her so she could eat. At the end of the day she always ate it. 
     I would see her shaking and quivering because of how cold it is outside but she just keeps moving. Tonight is what really got to me. I stopped at WaWa around 4:30am and she was out there. I wasn’t sure if it was her or not so I went about and went inside the store.
     I asked the manager is that was Virginia outside and they just said, “ugh!” while shaking their heads. “Is she out there again?”
.     So I went back outside and yelled her name. She turned around a little startled but she then realized it was me. I asked her how she was doing and if she needed anything to eat or drink.
     Of course she said no but I insisted on buying her something warm thing because she was literally shivering. So she then started to talk to her schizophrenic friends boggling back and fourth between reality and imagination. She then said a hot chocolate would be nice.
     I asked her if she needed anything else but she said no thank you. So I went inside and bought a hot chocolate and ran it outside to her. I began to talk to her about her day and what not but she couldn’t stop thanking me for the hot chocolate.
     So I went back to my car and forgot I had a blanket in my trunk. I immediately grabbed it and brought it to her. She refused and refused to take it. She said she wouldn’t know the next time she would see me. I told her she could keep it but she said it would be way too much to carry.
     I told Virginia just to take it and throw it away before she went on her next adventure but she refused obviously knowing that its too much to accept from someone. I told Virginia to have a good night and to be safe. As I walk back to my car, a lady approached me telling me how sweet that was. 
     It made me really think. Most people would do those things for good things to come back their way. I did it because looking at her like that is horrible and I’ve known her for so long I just want her to keep safe and warm.
     I can’t stop thinking to myself about what more I could do for her. I wanted to go to Walmart and buy her clothes and food but I know it’d be way too much for her to bring around with her. I don’t know where she stays or I’d drive it all right to that spot after offering her a ride. I also thought about opening a GoFundMe account for her but I don’t see many people donating.
     It just sucks knowing that she could pass away or get injured at any moment. I was told she dives in front of cars to sue them and get money but I don’t see her doing that being that she won’t even accept a dollar from a soul.
     All I want is for Virginia to have food and shelter. I don’t know why it got to me so much but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’m tempted to go to Walmart and get her things but who knows where she will be when I get back because Wawa will kick her out.
     Like I said, I don’t do things for good karma, I do it because I out myself in their shoes. I hate myself constantly when I give homeless people money and they run straight for a liquor store right after. There are real people in need that actually want food and the bad people ruined it for everyone.
     I see people walk by the homeless all the time without even dropping a dime for them. What if that person needed that meal to survive? What if by walking passed that person without helping them could be the last time they begged for money cause they died of starvation? That one dime could’ve helped them.
     All I’m trying to say is give everyone a chance. Walk that person into a store and personally buy them food if you have to. Help others in need because that one time could change someone’s life forever. 


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