My Lesbian Life

My life as a lesbian


2. The beginning

Kathryn and Amanda's relationship didn't start out as awkward like most do. They had known each other for a year since they both were in band together. But what neither them had known the other had liked each other since the end of last year. Kathryn didn't even know she was a lesbian and Amanda didn't know if Kathryn was or not, if she even like her like that. Amanda had tried to get close to Kathryn all through band camp and the first three days of school. She had tried everything, sitting with her a lunch break during band camp, inviting her to her sixteenth birthday, having her spend the night after, and talking to her here and there on Facebook. Nothing was working and Amanda kept trying but Kathryn wasn't getting any of the hints. At all. Amanda didn't give up she was in love with Kathryn at first sight. Kathryn knew she had liked loved Amanda but wasn't meaning to push Amanda off like that. Kathryn hadn't tried to show her feelings until after the school year started. Actually if Amanda wouldn't have texted Kathryn three days into the school year freaking out because she has/had problems with different things since fifth grade, they wouldn't be dating today. Those two talked for about six days straight until either of them fell asleep on the other at night. It was't till that Sunday morning at five thirty in the morning that Kathryn asked out Amanda. This is were there love life began. 

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