My Lesbian Life

My life as a lesbian


1. Prologue

Kathryn is the fifteen year old who is lost in between weather she is doing the right thing in her life. She not any normal girl in her school. She's a lesbian happily in love with her girlfriend. But her mother has never been the same with her since she found out about Kathryn and her girlfriend. Kathryn has the most beautiful girlfriend Amanda. Amanda is sixteen years old who isn't a popular girl in school just like Kathryn. They have been dating for almost eight months without Kathryn's father finding out about them. She's been able to keep it from him for this long hopefully longer or at least she is eighteen and he isn't able to do anything about it. Kathryn and Amanda both have had there problems with them dating, like Amanda's friends being asshole's about everything and Kathryn's mom and dad. But Amanda had it easy with telling her parents they just didn't care about them, they actually supported them. It's just things are going to become hard next school year when Amanda graduates and Kathryn will only be in tenth grade.

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