My Lesbian Life

My life as a lesbian


3. First Month

The first month went sorta fast but not like either of them wanted it to go. People found out rather fast about Amanda and Kathryn's new relationship. Amanda's "best friends" didn't really like the whole lesbian thing and neither did Kathryn's friends but they were more understanding that Amanda's. Kathryn's friends didn't think they would last since Amanda and her had a lot of problems in the beginning of there relationship. Stuff the would normally end a set of new couples. It didn't end there they tried to keep things calm between both of there friends. It just wasn't as easy as what they thought it would be. Actually Amanda's friends didn't like Kathryn at all, they thought she was a bitch and didn't think Amanda deserved that. They honestly tried a lot of different things to get them to break up, but it never worked. Amanda and Kathryn were in love and nothing could honestly get in between them no matter would it could be. The only thing that got in between those two was when Kathryn told her mother about them. That was a hell hole that nobody ever should have to go through. Not even Amanda's mom was like that. Kathryn's mom pretty much disowned her for a good two months. Kathryn couldn't understand why she didn't think she did anything to upset her mom except tell her the truth, but thats why her mom was like that. She didn't like the fact her daughter was dating another girl. Her mother just wouldn't have it like that. It was her way or the highway.

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