Team fortress 2 Mates!

Scout and Sniper go on an adventure to find Spy, but a few tricks are hidden along the way!


6. Trapped!

<-------------------------- Read it, ya bish



So Scout and Spy were trapped in the vents because of the BLU Team was surrounding them in the vents.

sniper was their last hope.

Sniper: Hey! Fruit cakes!

Every BLU member looks at Sniper and starts charging toward him

Scout: Here..... Ughhhh *Crawls out of vents with Spy*

Spy: Don't.....Ever....Do...That....Again...

Scout: C'mon we gotta save Sniper!

Spy: Oh yeah, that heartless Buffoon.

Scout tells Spy to get on his back like a piggy-back ride

Scout: C'mon! Get on! I have a plan!

Spy: UGHHH, fine, this better be good!

So Scout is walking over like he just shit his pants and then Scout starts running full speed and then he turned around and Spy jumped onto a Heavy+Medic combo and shot the Medic in the head and his brains went all over Sniper's minivan and before the Heavy could notice he backstabbed him, and a little spinal fluid went all over Spy.

Scout: Nice shot!

Spy: I appreceate dat(DJ Kahled soundin'ass)

Scout Runs over to the BLU Soldier and he took out Lucia and before he got the urge to.... nevermind. He slammed it against the BLU Soldiers helmet and he got K.O'd, and before reinforcements came They took the Soldier into the Minivan for further questioning. They saw a bunch of Medic+Heavy Combos and so they just stepped on it.




So they arrived at the RED Base withe the BLU Soldier and they took him into the interrogation room

BLU Soldier: What? Mother is that you? Get me a sandwich, Bitch.

Spy: Ummmm, no. I am not your mother. But I will be your father!

BLU Soldier: Grrrrrrrr......

Scout: So, where is your Intelligence?

BLU Soldier: Not telling you!

Scout: Wha-t!

Scout: Tell me

BLU Soldier: No.

Scout: Yes!

BLU Soldier: No!

Scout: YESSS!

BLU Soldier: NNOOO!!!

Scout slaps BLU Soldier.



-------------------------------> To Be continued....... Chapter 7: Seriously??!!!

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