Team fortress 2 Mates!

Scout and Sniper go on an adventure to find Spy, but a few tricks are hidden along the way!


1. Spy's messup

So, once apon a time when there was such things as an Austrailian sniper, or a Boston boy who can double jump, and weird French shapeshifters, these odd occurances all happened.



Scout; Ayyyyy, Ugmmm, SNIPER!! when are we gonna get to Ms.Pauling?

Sniper: Aghh, piss, Scout just get over it

Scout: C'mon Sniper!, we have to go!!!

Sniper: Fine Scout, If you guys have any children. We are not helping.

Scout: Spy!, what do you think about this!

Spy: Scout don't do this, you have not even proposed to her yet!

Scout: Im going to do dat first thennnnnnnnnnnnn kids will be made, ya'know?

Sniper:*Stops car* Scout get out if your serious, then walk to her.

Scout:*gets out of car* Fine suit yourselves!

Sniper:*Drives Away* Hey, ugmmm, Spy?

Spy: What do you want?

Sniper: Can i have one of your cigarettes?

Spy: No!

Sniper: Why not you French fool!

Spy: Exactly what you just said.

Sniper: Sorry, mate.

INTERCOM: *Ring,Ring,Ring*

Sniper: Spy, can you get that?

Spy:*Presses button*

Sniper: SCOUT!!!! Where are you!!

Scout:*sees Sniper through intercom* Im at the BLU base! I need help, quick! *Gets hit in the head by a soldiers shovel*

Spy: OH, MY, GOD! We will be there Scout!!!!

Scout: O-O-O-Ok..........

Sniper:*Hangs up and calls RED team*

Sniper: Scouts been captured by the BLU team!

Soldier:*Through intercom* Is he ok?!!??!!

Scout:*comes out from the roof of the truck* Ha!, you guys fell for it!

Sniper: *reaches for his gun*

Spy: No! Sniper!

Sniper: Scout, Don't do that again or i will tell Heavy to sit on you!

Heavy:*Through Intercom* Vat you say avout me!

Sniper:*Hangs up*

Spy: Well that was close.

Sniper: Yeah, it was mate.

Spy: I am not one of your so called "Mates" Sniper, go back to your poor kangaroo family!


Spy: Suit yourself, Sniper.

Sniper: Ok, Bye you poor French Motherfucker

Coming soon------------------------------------------------------------> Part 2, Spy's Disapperence

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