Team fortress 2 Mates!

Scout and Sniper go on an adventure to find Spy, but a few tricks are hidden along the way!


2. Spy's disapperance

Sniper: Bloody, brilliant.

Scout: Ay uhhhh, Sniper?

Sniper: Yeh, Scout?

Scout: Did we hire a BLU Spy?

Sniper: Ahhhhh, no.

Scout:*Pulls out his scattergun* Take this!

Sniper: No!, Scout! Don't jump out of the back of the minivan!

Scout: Did we hire the whole BLU team?

Sniper: Scout what do you mean!

Scout: They are chasing us in a car right now!

Scout: Step on it Sniper!!!!!!

Sniper:*Holds down the brake*

Scout: Why the brake?!

Sniper: Scout........*dying*

Scout:*hops into the front seat and sees Sniper with a bullet through his right arm*

Sniper: C'mon mate, leave me here to die.

Scout: Hell no, man!

Scout:*Calls Spy through Intercom*

Spy:* What do you want Scout?

Scout: BLU driving toward us!

Spy: I know im in their car!

Scout: backstab them fools.

Spy: Will do.

Spy:*Takes out Butterfly Knife* *Backstabs everybody*

Scout: Why is there still a car going straight for me and Sniper!

Scout:*Hangs up intercom chat fairly quick*

Spy: Scout!, Scout??!!

A BLU Soldier comes up behind Spy and shoots his with his shotgun......... Spy is almost killed, a BLU Medic arrives.

BLU Medic: I am so very German, see, OKTOBERFEST. Hitler was my dad.

BLU Heavy: Vat? Medic?

BLU Scout: Ay, Uhhh, Ain't dis a RED Spy?

BLU Medic:*heals RED Spy*

BLU Soldier:*takes shovel and hits Spy in the head*

BLU Spy: Very, unlucky for you. My friend.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Stay tuned for chapter 3:Sniper's new ability

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