Team fortress 2 Mates!

Scout and Sniper go on an adventure to find Spy, but a few tricks are hidden along the way!


5. Awwww Man!

<----------------------------------------------------------- Read dem shitz plz



After that weird make-out session with Scout's own bat he started to question if hes crazy or not.


Scout: Right!, Here for Spy and Intel!

Scout runs and runs and runs until he get to BLU HQ

Scout:*Out of breath* Yo, finnaly made it.....

BLU Heavy walks into the BLU HQ

 Scout: Wow, that is some big motherfucker.

Scout runs in and starts shooting every BLU Employee who is there.

Scout:"Hey guys!, Just your friendly neighborhood Scout!"

Scout then kills everybody and after he's done he hits every body to see if he killed Spy.

Scout:*Heart is racing* *In mind* Oh God oh God oh God.....

Scout hits every body and he is in for a suprise when...... None of them turned RED!

Scout: Whew, that's a releif!

Spy(Disguised as Heavy): Scout!

Scout: Ayyyyy Spy!

Spy: Hello, my friend.

Scout: Ok, lets get out of here!

Spy: You forgetting something?

 Scout: Oh yeah! The Intel!

Scout is right about to walk out the door when Spy taps him on the back...

Spy: I already got it......

Scout: Oh really! Wow, thanks Spy!

Spy: They know we are in here, by the way.

Spy: Scout catch!

Spy throws deadringer and Scout jumps and...

Scout: Hey!........*misses and falls backwards*

When Scout fell he accidentally opened the Intel doors

Scout:*gets back up* Heyyy, was not expecting you here!

BLU Heavy: Huh?

Scout grabs deadringer.

Scout: C'mon Spy!!!! RUN!!!

Spy: No, I'm gonna die here!

Scout: OH really? *Picks up Spy with the Intel* AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Scout: BE QUIET!

Whole BLU team firing rockets and minigun bullets and 20 Gauge shots while they are running

Scout: AGHHHHHH*Ducks under rocket* AGHHHHHHHHH!! *Scout jumps conviently as a rocket blew up underneath him and he gained extra air*

Scout jumps into vents and  he awaits another "RED" Spy.

Spy:*Shoots the "RED" Spy right between the eyes* AH-HAHAHAHAHA!

Scout: Nice shot Spy!

--------------------------------------------------> To be continued Chapter 6: Trapped


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