Dark Living

A couple live in a mansion alone as they try to blend in with the rest of the towns people except they have a problem. The husband is a vampire and the wife is a werewolf.


8. 8

Carol laid motionless, surrounded by broken glass from the table she fell on and Crow looked anxious as he put his fingers on her throat to check her pulse.  He breathed a sigh of relief as he felt her pulse and a shadow is cast over her and Crow looked back to see King standing over him, giving an evil like grin and said, “Well, it looks like I didn’t hit hard enough for your love bird.  Then again, burying her alive even sounds better once I kill you.” Crow then looked down at Carol sadly as he sees her peaceful, sleeping, werewolf face and King said, “Any last words?” King raised the shovel as he was about to hit Crow over the head when all of a sudden he heard a barely audible laugh from Crow.  King looked at Crow irritatingly and said, “What’s so funny?” Crow gave a spine tingling laugh as he turned towards King and he said, “Yes.” When he faced King, Crow bared his fangs beneath his chalk white skin and vampire transformation and yelled, “ROAST IN FUCKING HELL!” He grabbed one of the broken legs of the glass table and threw it at King, but King dodged it with ease and did not notice it striking the light switch panel and smashing it.  King gave and ear splitting laugh and said, “Nice try!  I...” Suddenly the wallpaper and doorframe lite up in flames as King looked around in horror.  IN a flash Crow grabbed Carol tightly and flew/smashed through the glass doors to the backyard before the window and doorframe’s bursted into flames and King screamed, “NOOOOO!” And there is a short suction sound as the air sucked in where the glass doors were broken and there was a large explosion as the room exploded into flames.


    Crow stopped at the edge of the forest and laid Carol up against a tree as the vampires that surrounded the property were now all either liquid ooze or piles of ash leaving only their clothes behind.  He stroked her hair and said, “Don’t worry my love.  We are safe.” Carol groaned and when she opened her eyes she looked towards to mansion and she suddenly she became wide awake and stood up and said, “Our home!” Crow looked back to see the mansion now being engulfed in flames and he said, grimly, “It had to be done, but...” As soon as he turned to face her he was shocked as he was smacked across the face and Carol yelled, “You idiot!  Some of my belongings in there  are almost impossible to get, including my music!” Crow nursed his red cheek and said innocently, “King was about to crush my skull and he was going to bury you alive.  There was no other choice.” Carol glared at him with her eyes glinting yellow as she breathed with frustration and said, “Sometimes David you just want me to tear you apart, but I love you too damn much!” Crow said, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll buy all that stuff again.” Carol said, “You better!  In mint condition as well!” They heard a loud crash sound as something that looked like a person on fire came out of the mansion from the left side and was making a throat curdling scream and began rolling on the ground to put the fire out till it rolled into a large puddle of water leaving a trail of burnt grass in its path to the puddle.  When the fire was put out they saw a burnt figure attempting to stand revealing razor sharp teeth and black and red eyes under its burnt skin and frayed/burnt black clothing as it reached down and grabbed its black, brimmed hat and set it on top of its head.  Suddenly the figure snapped its head towards Crow and Carol’s direction and looked directly at them as the figure’s face healed at high speed to reveal King’s furious expression and he pointed his sharp, pointed finger at Crow and Carol’s direction and screamed, “KILL THEM NOW!” They heard the crunching of leaves and twigs and Crow and Carol looked around and saw in the forest, dark, hunched figures appearing from behind the trees revealing their red eyes and vampire like features as they began to snarl or hiss at Crow and Carol.  Carol snarled and said, “What do we do now sherlock?” Crow looked around and kept a calm expression till looked back at Carol and said calmly, “Run.” He ran as Carol looked on in shock but then looked around and see more vampires appearing she began to run as well.


    Carol ran to catch up with Crow only to not see him anywhere and she yelled, “Crow where are you?” All of a sudden two vampires jumped out from a tree to her right and surprised her as she tripped and fell.  The vampires descended upon her with their sharp fingers outstretched as they hissed and revealed their fangs as Carol snarled at them when suddenly Crow appeared behind them and with both hands grabbed each of their heads and slammed them together crushing both their skulls as blood and skull fragments fell between them as they crumpled to the ground.  An old, balding man that is transformed into a vampire appeared behind Crow and hissed as he descended upon the back of Crow’s neck when suddenly a tree root appeared from the ground and grabbed hold of the vampire’s ankles and tripped him.  The vampire snarled in anger when the roots pulled him away from Crow and towards the nearby pond.  The vampire clawed the ground and tried desperately to keep from being pulled into the pond but to no avail as when it got close seaweeds appeared from the pond and grabbed hold of it and drowned the hollering vampire as it was pulled beneath the water line and disappeared.  Carol looked on in shock as Crow helped her up and she said, “What the hell is that?” Crow replied, “One of my pet projects.” Carol looked at him angrily and said, “You...” Crow looked up and yelled, “WATCH OUT!” A vampire jumped down from the tree over Carol, but Crow yanked her away just in time and the vampire body slammed to the ground.  The high school cheerleader vampire looked up and snarled at Carol only to be grabbed by the throat by Crow, yanked up on her feet and Crow shoved her back up against the tree with one of its broken limb stumps stabbing her threw the heart and she screamed as she bled and hung motionless.  Three more vampires appeared to their right and hissed at them only to be grabbed by the ankles and yanked up into the trees as they thrashed around till they were engulfed by the overhead and then there were a series of agonizing screams as there were bone snapping sounds and then they were silenced.  More vampires appeared and Crow hissed as he bared his fangs and grabbed tow of them by their faces as he flew and smashed their heads against the trees.  As the vampires were running towards Carol she snarled and jumped on one and shoved her clawed hand into its heart causing it to scream in agony before exploding into a cloud of ash.  A vampire came up behind her and she immediately grabbed its outstretched arm and snapped it before flipping it over her and slammed its head hard into the ground causing it to crush beneath its own body weight and Carol’s strength.


    Carol then stood on all fours as she snarled and charged/tackled one after another, slashing or shoving her clawed hands into their chests ripping/tearing their hearts out as they screamed and either laid motionless or exploded into clouds of ash.  In a blink of an eye Crow hissed and snarled as he ran or leapt after one vampire or another and threw them up into the tree overheads or into the pond where they are dismembered as they screeched or howled in agony.  When they were all gone Crow and Carol stood ready as they heard more hissing and snarled from behind a group of trees when suddenly a large group of children appeared baring fangs at them and Crow and Carol looked at them puzzled and Crow said, “King obviously does not spare any of the children.” The vampire children rushed towards them and Crow kicked or threw them around like toy dolls into the waiting roots and limbs of the trees or seaweeds of the pond as they were consumed and ripped apart.  When the children descended upon Carol she growled at them before she rushed and using her teeth or claws she ripped or shredded their hearts with her sharp claws or fangs with ease, leaving behind torn or shredded vampire infected children’s bodies and large patches of blood.  In a matter of minutes the vampire infected children, ranging from 5 to 12 either laid motionless on the ground, were piles of ash or were consumed by the pond and limbs and various body parts laid about the ground as the trees dropped them from their overhead and all was quiet.

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