Dark Living

A couple live in a mansion alone as they try to blend in with the rest of the towns people except they have a problem. The husband is a vampire and the wife is a werewolf.


6. 6

Once Crow transformed (with his head down) he looked back towards Carol with dark eyes, chalk white skin, revealing fangs and pointed ears and he said calmly, “Remember what you are hunting.” Carol (now on all fours and fully transformed into a female werewolf) looked up at him with her yellow eyes and said, “I’m a werewolf okay.  I’m not that stupid.” She then ran deep into the forest as Crow jumped from tree branch to tree branch  on light feet to keep up and observing ahead for any deer.  Carol ran up to a rock pile and stood on top as she howled at the moon as Crow watched and shook his head and said, “First purring and now moon howling.  Is she trying too impress me?” She then ran out and Crow continued to follow her and look ahead till he spotted a deer eating grass and he watched.  


    After waiting a few moments there was a rustle sound, snarl and an animal cry before the sound of feeding and the deer looked up, alert and ran away.  Crow looked puzzled and said to himself, “What the hell?” He then jumped down from the tree and looked to find the feeding and animal struggle  and saw his wife eating what looked like a mork (a mix breed of a moose and duck like animal) and Crow said in awe, “Carol, what, is this?” Carol looked up with blood around and dripping from her mouth with a startled expression before she relaxed and said angrily, “What do you think stupid, food.” She continued chewing and feeding on the now dead animal and Crow said, “But this is not a deer.” Carol stopped and made a low growl before continuing to feed and Crow stepped back and said (in an almost threatening tone), “You dare growl at me?” She ignored him and continued to feed and Crow said, “You promised you are only coming out here to hunt a deer.  Plus, killing and eating a mork is illegal on this planet.” Carol looked up angrily and said, “Like anyone is going to notice one missing mork!  I don’t follow ruse for hunting since I’m not a werewolf okay!  Let’s not make a big deal out of this shit!” Carol continued feeding as Crow shook his head and turned away when Carol said, “Are you going to drink its blood?” Crow replied, “No I’m fine.  Knock yourself out.” Carol said, “Groovy.” And she continued feasting when suddenly a mist appeared on the ground, surrounding Crow’s ankles and where Carol is eating.  Crow looked puzzled and then snapped his head up and sniffed the air and smelled a sweet Oder and Carol stopped eating as she sniffed the air as well and sneezed.  Crow said, “Looks like I don’t need to ask.” Carol glared at him and growled when a twig snapped and they both looked in the direction it came from and saw a naked muscular man standing with arms stretched towards Carol.  


    The man smiled and bared his fangs to reveal he is a vampire and said, “Come to me my lovely Carol.  I’ll show you pleasure like you never felt before.” Carol looked transfixed and stood on her feet and started walking towards him as Crow looked at her concerned and said, “Carol, what are you doing?” Silence and Crow spoke with urgency, “Carol!” She still walked towards the vampire but before Crow could speak Carol sniffed  and suddenly she howled and in a blink of an eye tackled the vampire to the ground as she surprised him and howled in pain as skin, blood and bloody body parts flew around Carol as she mauled the vampire to death when it suddenly flared up in flames and Carol jumped back as the vampire turned to ash as she had shredded its heart.  Crow said, “Relax, you killed it.” Carol stood up slowly as she still looked alert and said, “Then how come the mist is still surrounding us and I feel like we are being watched?” Crow looked around as he noticed the forest is dead quiet and he began to look a little anxious when he and Carol both see figures appearing from behind the trees surrounding them with glowing red eyes.  Carol said, “I don’t like this.” Then they heard the sound of crunching leaves as the figures began to walk towards them and Crow grabbed hold of Carol around her waist as he pulled her close and she looked both surprised and said, “Wait a minute! What....” Suddenly Crow jumped up on a tree and then from that tree to the next on long jumps till after five jumps he landed in the wide back yard and Crow let go of Carol and held her hair back as she turned away and puked.

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