Dark Living

A couple live in a mansion alone as they try to blend in with the rest of the towns people except they have a problem. The husband is a vampire and the wife is a werewolf.


3. 3

A large van drove up to the front with its headlights on and the horn went off and the front doors opened to reveal Carol with Crow right behind her.  The side door of the van slid open and a hippie like girl came out and said with open arms, “Hey Carol!” Carol hugged her and said, “Hi Amila.” Amila looked at Crow with a strange expression and said, “Who’s this big dude?” Carol said, “This is my fiancé, David.” Crow bends over and kisses Amila’s hand and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Amila.” Amila blushed and said, “Dude you’re so romantic.” She got in the van but before Crow and Carol followed she whispered, “Act normal please.” And they both got in as the door closed.  Lin is driving the van as Crow sat across from him while Carol sat in the back talking with a couple of hippie like people and when he looked back he saw another girl and two boys were looking at him with curiosity.  The girl (Heather) said, “Where are you from?” Crow replied, “North, far north.” One of the boys (Joe) said, “Dude I know a man from there! He said its cold up there and no one goes outside!” Lin and Heather laughed heartedly as they drove up to the cliffs as it became dark and David looked up to see the half moon in the sky and another male teenage hippie behind him (Matt) said, “Dude why are you looking at the moon?” Crow replied dryly, “Just wanted to see if I can see the moon’s surface more clearly.” They laughed except Crow and Carol laughed heartedly as she kicked the back of his seat.  Amila stopped laughing and said, “Dude you are so funny!” The side door opened once the van is parked and they left as Crow looked back and saw Carol glaring at him and Crow made a “what” expression and Carol rolled her eyes before leaving the van.  The group grabbed a blanket, chairs, cooler and other various items from the back of the van before walking into the forest to the right of the van.  Crow carried the cooler as he followed them till they found a spot and began setting up including making a campfire.  


    When they all finished and the campfire was made they all sat around it either in chairs or on the ground surrounding the fire.  Matt said, “Dude you hear about this guy Serenity and his threats to both the Federation and Zhargosia?” Carol sighed and said, “I think we all heard about him, so what?” Matt said, “I think the reason why he is threatening them is because he wants us all to live in peace.” Carol faked a snore as everyone else laughed, except for Crow, and Matt said, “Yo hear me out man!” They all quieted down and Matt said, “I believe he wants us to live in peace and love man, and no politics.  Their politics is what’s creating all these problems around us man.” All except Carol and Crow awed and Crow leaned over to Carol and whispered, “Since the moment we went with them I believe they are stoned.” Carol whispered back with frustration, “No shit sherlock.” Lin then learned over from Carol’s left side and whispered something and Carol smiled before grabbing his hand and left the campfire as they walked deep into the woods as Crow watched out of the corner of his eye. Amila said, “Yo David, how did you and Carol hook up?” David leaned over to the campfire and said, “I met her when I was getting my medical degree at a coffee shop.” Amila said, “You mean she worked in a coffee shop?” Crow replied, “Yes and I went there regularly after classes.  From there we decided to go out and the rest is....well, you know.” And he leaned back comfortably and Amila looked at him with some puzzlement and said, “No offense man, but you look middle aged when she seems like she is in her late teens.” Crow said, “You can’t put an age on love.” They awed and looked at each other in acknowledgement as they swayed over the campfire and Crow stood and said, “If you will excuse me, I need to use the men’s room.” They acknowledged half heartedly and began talking to one another as he walked away and into the dark forest.


    Carol and Lin walked in the woods with arms wrapped around each others sides till they stopped and Carol turned to face Lin as she smiled and said, “I have not met a man like you before.” She stroked his right cheek and had him suck her thumb while caressing her hand and he said (without caring), “What about David?” Carol replied, “Don’t worry about him.  He’s not here with us.” They both looked into each other’s eyes and before they knew it they began kissing and embracing each other before Lin was shoved back and hit his back up against a tree that is just behind him and he said, “Boy you’re strong.” Carol grabbed his shirt and said, “Wait till you see what else I can do.” She quickly unbuttoned his shirt (almost tearing off some of the buttons) as she kissed down his chest and stomach as Lin began undoing his jeans and belt and when she reached down to his crotch (with her eyes closed) she grabbed the top lip of his underwear, jeans and belt when she heard Lin made a muffling moan noise and suddenly he was yanked up and the jeans, underwear and belt came off as they were in Carol’s grasp as he went up the tree.


    The moment Lin was yanked up Carol opened her eyes and looked shocked as she saw Lin disappearing into the tree above her kicking and moaning loudly as he disappeared amongst the tree’s leaves and a split second later a large splash of blood came out and fell all over Carol’s face as she gasped in shock.  Carol whipped the blood off her face with Lin’s pants as she grumbled in anger till she looked up the tree with furious eyes as she heard biting/chewing sounds and she said in anger, “David!” Suddenly silence and Carol said, “I know you’re fucking up there!” Crow’s face appeared as he hung upside down with blood covering his mouth, cheeks and chin as he looked at her (uncaringly) and said, “Sorry, can’t help it.” Carol slapped him hard across the face and he looked a little surprised as he rubbed his cheek and she said, “Sorry my ass!  I told you not to follow me!” David whipped the blood from his wounded cheek and said, “I was just trying to go to the bathroom till I saw you two making out.” Carol ignored him as she still looked furious and said (trying to keep from yelling), “Bull crap! It you want to use the bathroom you could have gone the opposite direction!” She then repeatedly slapped him across the face and Crow grew frustrated and tried to grab her hands when suddenly he lost his grip on the tree and yelped with fright as he fell and landed on his head.  Carol stood back as she breathed through her nose in anger as Crow groaned and caressed his head as he tried to stand and said, “Carol, can we talk about this like civilized...” Suddenly Carol kicked him between the legs and Crow yelped as he kneeled back down on the ground holding his crotch and breathed heavily in pain.  Carol sarcastically said, “Oh I’m sorry, did you say something?” Crow finally looked up at her with his face still cringed in pain as he tried to say, “I said, what, do you want me, to do?” Carol said, “Get his body down and make it look like a bear attacked him while I go back and tell the others a bear attacked us and killed Lin.” Crow said, “Sounds convincing.” Carol turned away but turned back and said, “Oh and before you come back you need to have some type of injury to convince them.” Crow stared at her and said (with dread), “Really?” Carol stared back at him with anger and Crow said, “Fine.” She turned and walked away, still very upset, as Crow grabbed the limb above him as he stood to the side and snapped it, allowing Lin’s mangled, torn body to fall to the ground. 

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