Dark Living

A couple live in a mansion alone as they try to blend in with the rest of the towns people except they have a problem. The husband is a vampire and the wife is a werewolf.


10. 10

King laughed in amusement as Carol scowled at him and she said, “David I hope you have a plan with this...” She looked over to her right and saw Crow’s legs as he laid on the ground and did not move and Carol looked at him concerned and said, “David?” No response and she spoke louder, “David?” She scrambled to the other side as King stood there and watched with a look of amusement till Carol looked on the other side and saw Crow’s sprawled body with his head against the rocks and a slow trickle of blood dripping from the sides.  She looked in horror and yelled, “DAVID!” She went to his side when suddenly King grabbed her on the back collar and yanked her back as she flew and landed on her back hard on the ground.  She sat up grimacing in both anger and pain as King stood in front of her, blocking her from Crow and he said (with a look of amusement), “It’s just you and me now missy.” Carol looked at Crow’s unconscious body with sadden eyes till King made a villainous laugh and she looked up at him with boiling anger as her eyes turned fearsome yellow.  King continued laughing and said, “Good, now we....” Carol roared and charged right at King and landed a hard punch directly in his face sending blood flying from his broken nose and mouth as he fell back and Carol immediately grabbed his collar with both hands and with a fearsome roar she threw him behind her and slammed his back against a tree, only to smash through the tree sending pieces of it flying everywhere.  


    King struggled to stand up as he grunted and groaned in pain when suddenly Carol roared as she jumped onto his chest sending him falling back to the ground as she howled in anger at King’s face as he cringed with fear.  Carol then immediately began slashing his chest and face with her claws as she howled and growled in anger furiously sending pieces of clothing, blood, flesh and bloody chunks into the air covering her face with his black blood.  She stopped and breathed heavily as she is tired and noticed King’s clawed and shredded face began to heal itself with face muscles reconnecting and his jaw being relocated as well as his punctured eyes being refilled and coming together and she looked about to find a large rock that is twice the size of King’s head.  She immediately grabbed it and ignoring the weight as she is still filled with anger and rage, she lifted it up with ease as loose dirt fell on King’s face as his exposed eyes looked up at Carol as if filled with terror and Carol said, “Fix this!” And she howled as she brought the rock down on top of King’s head with full force and when it slammed and crushed King’s face and head it made a both a bone crunching and a large splat sound as if hitting a water balloon.  Carol breathed heavily as she watched the blood from King’s face sprayed around the impact and the blood patch grew bigger and bigger rapidly till it slowed and came to a stop past his shoulders and the back of his chest and his headless body remained motionless.  


    When she is certain King is dead she began to breath calmly and she changed back to her normal self before she remembered Crow and she looked shocked and faced back to see Crow still sprawled forward, facedown and motionless and she scrambled and rushed to his side as she yelled, “DAVID!” She put her hands and arms around him as she sobbed and turned him over and laid his head on her lap with dried blood covering his face from his forehead and began stroking his cheek as she tried to comfort him.  Carol sobbed and said, “Please David, please wake up.” She kept stroking his head and face and said, “Don’t leave me, please.  Stay with me David.” He laid motionless on her lap and Carol sobbed even more and she started yelling as she shook his body hoping to wake him, “David please! Please wake up!  DAVID!” There was a low moan and Carol stopped crying and looked up as she listened.  There is another moan and she looked down as it came from Crow and she smiled beneath her tears and wet cheeks as she held tightly for comfort and said, “David thank god!” Then there is a growing sound of sirens but she ignored them and continued to comfort Crow till red and blue lights pierced the darkness and there is a sound of vehicles till an ambulance and two police vehicles appeared from what appears to be a dirt road on the other side of the pond.  The vehicles suddenly stopped and the police officers got out of their vehicles with their guns drawn and pointed at Carol and Crow’s direction and one of them yelled, “Hands up or we will shoot!” Carol ignored them and continued to hold Crow tightly and one of the policemen pulled out a spot light and shinned it on both Carol and Crow and there was dead silence with the exception of Carol’s muffled sobs.  The driver of the ambulance looked at them in horror and said, “Good god.  Get the stretcher, NOW!”

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