The Perfect Rose

Droplets of fluid drip from the blood red petal of a rose What's the fluid you say? I don't know, but it burns It's a toxic mix of chemicals... just like you are to me.


1. First of the Last Day

A/N: Hey, this is only my second non fanfic novel, so I'm still adjusting. I actually didn't think it would be this hard to actually write something that doesn't include 5 Seconds of Summer. :p Anyway, I really hope you guys will like this, leave a comment if you do and let me know if you want to be featured in this novel. I'm looking for characters! :)

- Michaels_Demons


  ​Hello friend. My name is... I actually don't remember. Now, that I think about it, I can't remember anything. I open my eyes to a dim hospital room. The beeping of the machines blare in my ears, and my eyes take time to focus. I blink at my surroundings, a middle aged man sat next to me with his eyes closed and his position lazy- I suspected he was sleeping. I took in everything around me, machines sat at both sides of the hospital bed, blinds hiding my view from the outside of the room, two chairs on the far left of the room and a flat screen hanging in the corner above the two chairs. I looked down and saw only my hands, torso, and legs- which were currently hidden by a sheet. My black nail polish looked chipped and worn. I was connected to an IV, and I looked at my boney wrists which were both wrapped with bandages.

I furrowed my eye brows and picked at the bandage, trying to get it off. I wonder what had happened to me- what did I do? I unwrapped the bandage on my right wrist and saw where stiches were sewn into the pale skin on my wrist, right under my palm. There were scars that I noticed were all over my wrists and arms. A tear slid down my cheek and the painful memories came to light. Memories of me reaching for the razor blade, memories of me crying in the bathrooms at school, memories of me being slammed into lockers, memories of me being called horrible names. How could I have forgotten that so easily? What's wrong with me? I still couldn't remember who I was, or my name, or who ever the hell is sleeping in the chair next to me.

I wrapped the bandages around my wrists again. I coughed and coughed until my lungs hurt and felt like they were shrinking in on themselves. The person in the chair woke up in a panic and pressed a red button above the bed. I continued to cough and tried to breathe, blood spurted on my hands and a little of the sheets. My vision became hazy due to lack of oxygen in my lungs. A nurse stormed in and laid me on my back. They pushed me away somewhere, the last thing I remembered was seeing lights. 


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