The Perfect Rose

Droplets of fluid drip from the blood red petal of a rose What's the fluid you say? I don't know, but it burns It's a toxic mix of chemicals... just like you are to me.


2. After Dusk

​A/N: Hey thank you for 80+ reads. I really hope you guys will like this book. I have big plans for it. I will also try to make the chapters longer than 3 pages. I know that's annoying :) Anyway, this book- if you haven't already noticed- contains a lot of dark elements. If you're sensitive to hearing or reading about self harm, or anxiety attacks, etc. then this is not for you. I know that this happens to a lot of people, and it happened to me, so I do know what it's like. Thank you all and enjoy the next few chapters.


I woke up to the now familiar beeping of machines once again. I found myself in a slightly different room. There was this person who was hovering over me. "You're awake..." His voice sounded so familiar. "Yeah... I have one question though. What happened? I don't remember anything." I asked and my voice strained a little. "You uh... you tried to um... you were with your friends and they talked you into doing some stuff. What stuff? Well, we're not quite sure yet." He looked sleep deprived, I saw dark circles under his blood-shot eyes. "How long have you been waiting here for me to wake up?" My voice was horse and weary.


"A few weeks. You've only been here about a month and a half." He cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck. I was afraid to ask who he was, I was afraid it would hurt him. I didn't know who he was and I already know that his existence is crucial to mine. I knew that I cared about him a lot. So, who is he? My dad? Or my brother?

"You were in a ditch when we found you..." Once again memories flooded my mind as he trailed off, remembering me. I saw myself having a laugh with my friends, who were older by a month or two. Drinking alcohol with them and dancing with my high school crush. The night of prom maybe? Everyone was dressed up. Too formal to be casual. "Your mom called, she said she would be here tonight when she comes to pick you up to go home." The corners of his mouth lifted a bit.


"Are you hungry? You look peckish." He stood up and walked to the door without hearing me answer, he left me alone. Alone to figure out the missing pieces of my memory. Maybe he was my friend... the only one who showed up to see if I was okay? Or maybe he was my boyfriend, or my best friend. I brushed a strand of hair behind my cold ear and sighed. Alone...



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