The Wallflower

There are some people who never get picked to be on the team. People who just fade into the background with no friends. There are people who never get asked to join clubs, sport teams, never get asked to prom, who no one pays any mind to. What happens to me? I'm a wallflower and the beta's youngest daughter.


3. Big City, Big School

 Hayden' Point of View

    Its Sunday night, which means school tomorrow. That's just what I wanted, its gonna be so much fun! NO its school, a huge school. I lay in bed just thinking of the possibilities, what could go wrong. So many things could go wrong. I'm going to get lost, plus its a Monday. This is just joyful.



 I'm running through the forest. This is strange, there's no forests by my dad's house. A piercing howl rings through the night; I pump my arms and legs faster. There's a full moon out tonight. So big, so white, so memorizing. My legs slow down involuntarily. I can hear paws of an animal behind me catching up, its running so fast. My hearts beating so hard that I'm afraid its going to explode. THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. Like a drum my heart goes like a rhythm with no end. My foot catch an up rooted tree, knocking me down. I listen for the paws of my chaser; I hear only the sound of what sounds like a human chasing me. 

 "Hayden!" His voice so sweet and hypnotizing. My insides turn to mush, from running and this strangers voice. I peek out from the tree. The stranger's back to me. I can see he's only in basketball shorts, he's lean but looks like he has some muscle to him. He starts turning towards me- (END OF DREAM)

"HAYDEN GET UP!" My dad comes in yelling. I groan and twist to turn on the light, blinding my eyeballs in the process. Smart, not. The movement is enough for dad to know I'm awake. With the blanket wrapped around my body, I shuffle over to my dresser and pull out my cloths. I toss the blanket back to my bed, closed the door, then got ready. I put on my sneakers and beeline for the bathroom to make my morning pee, I'm weird yes I know. I brush my hair and teeth. 

My dad is waiting in the kitchen, my breakfast burrito in hand. He hands me my amazing food, and including Bryan, we go out to his truck. Its not a long drive to school. My dad parks outside his shop. Yes, my dad works at the school I'm going to. Its not as bad as people make it out to be. 

So here's some details about my schedule. There's eight blocks total, the blocks are split between A days and B days. Each day has four blocks. So, I'm really bad at explaining this so bare with me.

My A days are like this:

Block 1: English

sometimes raidernation 

Block 2: Math

Block 3: Tech (Dad's class

Block 4: US History

My B days are like this:

Block 5: Critical Thinking

Block 6: ROTC

Block 7: Drawing and Painting

Block 8: Ceramics 

 Block scheduling sucks by the way. Mondays suck. My life sucks. 

My phone dings. 


I open it, and sigh.

' You're meeting the pack tonight. Alpha orders. No buts, no excuses. Hayden Its life.'

I sigh deeper. Not only it is Monday and its my first day of school I now have to explain myself and my family further. Okay like I said before I suck at explaining so again bare with me.

I'm the beta's youngest daughter. Yes, I'm a werewolf. My whole family is. My stepmom is my dad's second chance mate. Arsen is my sister's mate. My stepsister doesn't have a mate yet, and neither do Bryan and I. Around 16 or 17 wolves find there mates; I didn't find my mate up in New York, so I'm hoping to find him or she here. Yes, I'm bi.


At 2:05 the final bell rings, I sigh and leave my US History Class.I make my way down to my dad's office. Once Bryan gets there and the rest of my dad's final class leaves, we go to the pack grounds. Yes, we live off the grounds, but we still live in the pack territory. 

Not only will I be meeting the pack but I'll also be accepted into the pack by the alpha. I haven't seen this alpha in awhile. I heard his youngest son is home from Alpha School. I used to have an innocent crush on him, I mean who wouldn't. He's unimaginably sweet, and caring. At least he was...

 The pack house is huge... like larger than life. I open the truck door and walk in between my dad and Bryan, it wasn't my choice they put me there. Over protective males. Arsen was the same way even if I'm not his biological sister. His excuse was that since my sister is his mate and I don't have a good mate yet he's obligated to be my older protective brother.

 We walk up to what I assume is the alpha's office. An amazing smell enters the hallway. I stop in my tracks, Bryan looks down at me.

"Hay what's wrong?" He doesn't smell it. Which means only one of two things: I'm going crazy or I just found my mate.

"I-I smell my mate I think..." He looks at me with admiration.

"Good you can look for him after we meet the alpha." I nod in agreement. We continue towards the alpha's office. The smell gets stronger. My wolf is becoming antsy. She keeps chanting mate in my head.

 We're outside the alpha's office. The smell, my mate's smell is in there... I start to panic. Male alpha mates are extremely protective and possessive. Bryan looks down at me and gives me a reassuring smile. I smile back and we enter the office. 

Bela is sitting on the couch in his father's office. Bela is the alpha's youngest son fresh out of alpha school. The only thing keeping him from being alpha is his father and being mate-less. His eyes meet mine and I'm swallowed up in them. 

"Mate" His voice matches the stranger's voice in my dream. I stood frozen in my place. Everything else melts away. He makes his way towards me. I notice that the alpha, my dad, and Bryan are talking. Bela comes closer. He towers over my vertically challenged frame. "Hello mate." 

My wolf purrs at his claim. I step back. My mother had always told me that my mate will say I'm his at first then once reality sinks in he'll reject me. I know he will. I've been told all my life that I'll never amount to anything, my mate will never want me. I'm too fat. I'm too ugly. I'm nothing but a wallflower.


       Bela's Point of View

I watched my mate stepped back away from me. The look on her face, the look of pure sadness and reject, it broke my heart to pieces. I stepped towards her, my wolf whimpering.

"Mine." I said it again. She is mine. I reached out for her. I remember her before I left. She looked so innocent, dimpled smile, green eyes, small frame, not broken.

Now she looks so fragile. As if I touch her she might break. I wrap my arms around her waist. I hold her so close. All this time, I finally have her, here with me. 

"I've missed you so much. Come with me?" I spoke against her hair.

"S-sure" Her voice sounded so broken; it made me whimper inside. I picked her up. I knew she could walk perfectly fine, but I wanted to hold her more. She needed to be spoiled, and that's exactly what I plan to do. 

I carry her to the edge of the forest. I asked her to shift. She went behind a tree to strip then shift. She is absolutely beautiful, her wolf was rich coffee color. Her eyes were sparkling sapphire blue. I was absolutely stunned. She's beautiful, beautiful and mine. I went behind a tree to strip. I shifted and went back to her. She was chasing a butterfly. She's adorable, I thought.

  The butterfly had landed on a flower, she lowered herself to the ground. She was ready to pounce, her butt wiggled as her wolf's tail wagged. She was playing, with a butterfly.

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