Post apocalyptic story: A virus hits the world. Millions die but two are left. Can they get to each other?


1. Adam and Eve

EVE - Now

The beginning of time, as the beginning of all things, was messy. People thought the end would be the same, but it wasn’t. In technical terms, this is not the end of time, but as humanity took its dying breaths, it took time with it. Near enough all of humanity. Near enough – except two. But oh the blessed irony that I be Eve and he Adam. Everybody knew that their time was up, but Adam and I were approached by Outsin, a mysterious research facility working on the disaster. When I say mysterious, I mean they’re a multi-billion-dollar company based in China with easily over a thousand employees. When I say mysterious, I mean six sub-levels of underground genetics research laboratories. That is where Adam and I were placed in the four weeks before the mass quietus. It came too soon. All of their vague predictions and hypotheses were wrong. June 2cnd 2026, 7,386,591,348 people dropped dead all at once from a deadly virus in the blood. Fortunately, they concluded just in time that there would be two survivors. Unfortunately, because they planned the times wrong, those two survivors are currently stuck in separate rooms with no way to get to one another. I can hear his voice sometimes though, through the wall.

“I want to see Eve!”

ADAM – 4 Weeks Ago

“I want to see Eve!”

They keep speaking to me in slow, loud English as if I’m deaf, like to say I haven’t been fluent since I was ten years old. My escort doesn’t even dignify me with a reply and guides me gently into a room with a large window taking up the back wall. Behind the window is what I assume to be a team of researchers, although they all look like amateurs in white coats to me. This dull room is filled with various monitors and unidentifiable beeping machines. One researcher steps in through a side door. She smiles brightly at me and it’s the first genuine emotion I’ve seen since my arrival a few hours ago.

“Hi, I’m Doctor McKiggan and I lead this team of dimwits. Don’t be too concerned though, you’ll know exactly what’s happening, when it’s happening.” Her accent holds an attractive Scottish lilt and I can’t help noticing that the corners of her eyes crinkle when she smiles. I just can’t help but to smile back, this woman feels like the first friendly face I’ve seen around here. The fact that she speaks to me like a normal person, only makes her more entrancing.

“So, Adam, mind me asking how old you are laddie?”

“Erm…” I’ve lost my words. No wonder they all think I’m a simpleton. She’s looking at me expectantly and I’ve lost the ability to formulate sentences. Her eyes are so stormy blue, I feel like I’m drifting in Loch Ness itself and there’s nobody around but me and…

“Ahem.” An attention-seeking throat clearance. I startle back to reality.

 “Twenty years old last May” I eventually blurt out. “Yourself?”

She laughs and I hear champagne glasses clinking and sunshine through a stained glass window and… she’s stopped. The room is quiet.

“Well, Adam who was 20 years old last May, I hope you’re present enough to fill in this short quiz on yourself before we get to work.”

The 45 minutes after filling in my personal details was filled with prodding, poking and general tests on each of the many contraptions around the room.

 “Well, we’re letting you rest for the day now. Welcome to Outsin, Adam, and I’m sure you’ll be very comfortable here. I’ll see to it personally.” I could swear she winks before I’m whisked away. Out in the corridor, I feel suddenly chilled without the warm scent of honey and grass emanating from her auburn hair. An intrusive beeping alerts me out of my reverie to the door next along in this sterile hallway. First, another researcher, next, another escort just like my own which means the girl that follows must be the mysterious Eve…

EVE - Now

“Adam. Adam, I hope you can hear me. I know we didn’t really get to properly know each other before… before this happened but I suppose I miss you. Is it possible to miss somebody you don’t know? Maybe it’s the pressures of repopulating the world and all that, can really get to your emotions. I never did get chance to think about kids you know, it never crossed my mind until- “

“Eve I need to tell you something.” His sexy French accent drifts through to me.

“Well of course you can tell me, I mean, you’re probably really bored of me just talking about me but I babble when I’m nervous and aren’t you nervous about repopulating the world? Oh my god, I just realised. All generations descended from us will be the products of i- “

“There’s something wrong. They never told me when I asked but Eve, I know there is something wrong, I heard Dr McKiggan talking about it. Oh and about her…”

“No please, don’t feel the need to continue. I saw a connection between you two whenever I saw you together and- “and he hasn’t stopped talking.

“…She’s the most amazing woman I’ve ever met and we have what you would call ‘chemistry’. In fact, you probably don’t need to know details but I just thought you should know.”

“Are you finished? Geez. Well I mean if that’s your type then who am I to compete.” I laugh humourlessly.

“I have to go but I hope to speak to you soon. Au revoir, Eve.”

I press my hand to the wall. “Go? Where can either of us possibly go? Or do you mean go to pee? Sorry if so, you deserve your privacy of course.” I slump back. This room is bare, nothing much to look at. There’s nothing in here but the last girl on earth, a chair, and a dead body which is currently still bleeding through the eye. I shudder and look away to the door. The only possible exit in this god forsaken room. Who on earth had the fabulous idea to have thumbprint access doors and not program Adam and I in? I look over to Dr Abbey again. Surely he’s programmed in? Cringing, I heave myself up and mentally prepare myself for what I’m about to do…

ADAM – 5 Days Ago

The login they gave me helped into the computer and genius got me the rest of the way. I search through the personal files of Theresa McKiggan, wanting to know every little detail about her. Her full name. Her criminal record. Her blood type. A video folder. Curious, I flick through this, looking for anything that may be interesting. They seem to be saved from Theresa’s login and all fairly inconspicuous sounding; Group Conference Recording1, Preliminary Tests – A. But one looks out of place. Hawshaw. Intrigued, I click it open and watch.

“There’s been a complication.” Her normally bright voice has turned too sincere, too deep.

“Go on.” A voice I do not recognise. Definitely male but the recording is only on Theresa’s end of the call so his face is out of the picture.

“We’re not sure on details yet but something is wrong with some of the results we got back. Our calculations are way off.”

“Are you working on the cure?”

“We’re trying but some of the cells are malfunctioning from our subjects.”

Silence. Theresa looks tense.

“Keep it all on the down low. Tell noone.”

The screen fades to black. Nausea hits me.

EVE - Now

I’m a fool! An imbecile no less! I mentally insult myself a few times more before fully realising that I’m out. No more dead body, no more of the same four walls and the same air. They are behind me! There’s a coppery tang to the air but I drink it in gratefully, twirling about like a ballerina on acid because you know what they say; ‘Dance like nobody can see you’. Well wise person, nobody can see me. Except… Adam! I run up and down the corridor, looking through all the narrow windows on every single door but don’t spot him. That doesn’t make sense. I hear his voice again and back track to room 10.

“Eve, I need to tell you something.”

“I’m coming Adam!”

 The room looks empty but he must be out of sight. Cautiously, I open the door, which is strangely unlocked. There he is, lying on the floor in the corner, most likely just sleeping in a pool of blood…

“There’s something wrong. They never told me when I asked but…” I fade it out. No Adam. Just a holographic video recording, playing on a loop.

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