This Neverending Road To Cavalry

Forced out of his home because of the bite on his arm, Richard Diggins heads off in search of information regarding a possible cure for the zombies that plagued his world and perhaps how they came to be. Along the way, he meets up with allies who also have their own desires to end the war with the zombies.


3. The Rottweiler

Lee and I were halfway to our destination before Lee looked up to the sky. I suddenly noticed just how cold the air was and I looked up to the sky as well. The moon had always been beautiful in the sky. Even when there was so much death and decay, the moon was always there to beam its radiance upon us. In our settlement, this was a calming time, as it meant we lived to see another day...

But out here? Even the moon's soft glow can't stop my heart from racing the moment Lee cocked his gun.

"Be on your guard. If we rush it, we could make it to the place in an hour." With that, Lee began to run. I tried to follow him, but by the time I ran out of breath, he was already a few feet ahead of me. There was a long, loud howl that pierced my ears and caused my legs to shiver. Lee turned around and ran towards me, AK-47 pointed towards me.

"LOOK OUT!" He shouted to me. He fired his gun and I noticed the bullet piercing the rotting flesh of a snarling doberman. It winced only for a bit before it jumped at me. It bit me on the arm as I pulled out my knife and tried to shove it right into its skull. It was too busy gnawing at my arm to notice the knife go right for his head. Lee rushed over and fired a couple of more rounds at the dog.

As the dog succumbed to that last bullet, I pulled out the knife. That's when I heard the panting of another dog, a husky. Most of its fur had fallen off and its jaw seemed to be permanently dropped. I immediately flung my knife towards the dog as the knife pierced its tongue. It didn't seemed to mind though. It just ran for me and leaped with its large claws. It pushed me down as the claws dug right into my skin. Lee simply fired some more at the dog right as he came to my side.

I took out my revolver and fired a bullet at the husky, only for it to fly by his ear. The image of the dog began to blur as it closed in on me. I began to see a white light as it continued to dig its claws right into my flesh.

"Oh no you don't!" I heard a loud bang followed shortly by a small thud. "Hang on, kid." I heard some tape stretching out and felt something soft go over my body. Eventually the white light turned black.

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