This Neverending Road To Cavalry

Forced out of his home because of the bite on his arm, Richard Diggins heads off in search of information regarding a possible cure for the zombies that plagued his world and perhaps how they came to be. Along the way, he meets up with allies who also have their own desires to end the war with the zombies.


1. The Beginning

It's pretty rough to live outside on your own. I had to find that out the hard way. I wandered through the vast, empty desert, trying to find just a semblance of... well, anything. Food, water, shelter, doesn't matter. So long as I found it, I'd be good. I turned my head back to the village I once called home, before looking forward to the harsh, arid air that the lands have in store for me.

I guess I should be thankful that the people in my village had the decency to give me a gun to defend myself, though that was before I discovered there was only one bullet in there. I felt a sharp pain as I pulled up my sleeve. The teeth marks are still there. I looked at it as if it was a watch. The least I could do was get far away from the village as I could before it was too late and I become mindless enough to shamble back.

Speaking of, a zombie straggled towards me. I took out my gun and fired at it. The bullet went through its skull and left a nice, tiny tunnel. There was only a small bit of blood that spilled out of the zombie. It fell down to the ground. Its flesh began to quickly blacken and grow thin. Its body began to steam as the skin disappeared and the skeleton underneath broke down into a fine powder.

I plugged my nose to prevent the stench of death from entering my nostrils. I looked at my gun. No more bullets. Where could I find more, I thought...

That's when I remembered what happened hours ago. My group managed to take out some raiders when we encountered them at their base. Seemed like a good idea to go check the place out. I looked back to the settlement. I began to retrace the steps we took to get to the raider camp. Hopefully there'd be some more equipment there.

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