Shadows in the Dark

A girl named Marlow encounters these beings that others call shadow people. She tries to learn more about these beings but has trouble to do so. She doesn't trust the internet to give reliable answers to all the questions she has. How successful is she going to be, discovering the secrets behind the 'shadow people'?



1. Chapter 1

All of this bloodcurdling nonscence started happening when i was around the age of four near me or further away, that is what i believed. The way the shadow looking figures streched acroos the walls and floors, they seemed nothing but the average harmless shadows. As i got older, i beganto know how shadows were made, the sun, or really any light strong enough to cast a shadow off an object. Shadows couldnt just float around with no object or a strong enough light. With that, i began to get a bit skeptical on what they really were; even though i was only eight i knew that the shadows were not what i originally thought they were. They must of been some sort of demons, or ghost, or SOMETHING- but definatley not human.


I began to avoid these things, not knowing what they could possibaly do to me. They then began to sit at the foot at the end on my bed trying to get get me to draw close to them. Thankfully i learned the skills of ignoring people and staying away from them through the fact i had social anxiety. I used to not have social anxiety until I was around the age of six. I dont know what happened to make that happen, but even to this day i grew being more than happy of being alone, growing to what people call an introvert. Even though my ignoring skils were there, they were not all that stong. Things easily caught my attention, a picture on the wall not straight, a toy on the floor and even a simple whistle. I was always alert of my surroundings, able to ignore my older sister, but not other things. These beings knew this, so they purpously did these small things that grabbed my atteantion, even if it ment doing something that bugged me so i would drag myself out of my bed.


But wait, these were shadows that were doing these things, well, not shadows but also not human. Not knowing what these things were whith a growing mind, i began to grow curious of these creatures. I wanted to knowwhat they were and what they wanted. Not only that but what they could do; from the simple things to the compliated things.This curiosity grew me to be observent. Not only of these beings, but also pepole and my surroundings. These beings shaped my life in such a way that i still deep even deeper in my thoughts and my actions.


As the years went on i began to get a little closer to these things. Trying to answer all my questions that i had; but instead on getting answers the beings would just dart away. They scurried like terrified mice, but faster. They would be there for a moment, but then the next they would completly dissapear into the air we breath. As years went on they stayed still a little longer as i would get closer to them. They were always looking as if though they would dart at any given time, but they didnt. They dont have eyes, yet i could feel them staring at me. They didnt have any noticble physical features, but they were all different. From their actions to the darkness of the shadowy colours to even how tall they were. They were not my friends, and yet-from what i was consirened, they were not my enimies either.


My perspective of these things quickly changed oncei got close enough to one where my ears began to ring. Thinking it was nothing i continued to get close enough others, where the same thing would happen each time. I would get even closer, and i would feel light headed. Even closer, i would get a really bad migrane. And if i got any closer to one of these things i would end up passing out. But why, why would this happen? Why does this still happen? Out of protection? Of what, me? Yet again, how could i be so dangerous? Or did they have such a great power that pepole couldnt handle it?


I dont only see them in my home, they follow me places. School, the store and even friends houses. Sometimes, i wasnt the only one who saw them. Some others would point out the 'weird shadow on the wall, corner, etc.'. Unlike most of those people, i gew up around these 'shadows'. These beings were not simply shadows, they were like people; they were not flat. These 'shadows' were something that you couldnt touch, but whom could touch you.


This is only the begining.

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