Warrior Cats

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  • Published: 20 Apr 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2016
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Jayfeather's life.


2. Chapter 2

Jayfeather stifled a sigh. He was stuck back in camp, three cats dead. Hazeltail, Honeyfern, and Tigerstar were dead. There was also a murderer on the loose. Everyone knew it was Hawkfrost. But they didn't know where he went. Firestar sent out patrols to find him, but even with the bloody footprints they could never find him. Why, that blue eyed bootleg! 

"Jayfeather?" Berrynose asked.

Jayfeather sighed again and answered "Yes?"

"I know with Leafpool running off," Oh. Leafpool ran off soon after they found Tigerstar's body. Everyone suspected she was killed by Hawkfrost. "you've been under a lot of stress. You've sighed over 8 times already!"

Annoyance sparked from Jayfeather. He was fine! "I'm completely fine, I'm managing well." 

Berrynose looked unconvinced but he left. Soon, Firestar came into the clearing holding Hawkfrost's body. His neck was... Well, not right. 
"We've found our killer. He fell off the Sky Oak and broke his neck."  Firestar dropped Hawkfrost.

But, wait, that wasn't Hawkfrost! It was Sol! Everyone was sure Sol had left, but he was right there! Dead! He still had dried blood around his mouth.

"Huh, never expected him to be able to kill Tigerstar." Birchfall said.

Soon, Leafpool came in and everything went back to normal. Or so, he thought.


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