Warrior Cats

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  • Published: 20 Apr 2016
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2016
  • Status: Complete
Jayfeather's life.


1. Chapter 1

Lionblaze thought Firestar looked edgy. As he waited on the highrock, digging his claws into the ground. Brambleclaw twitched his tail tip in frustration.

"Lionblaze? Lionblaze! Stop! You're killing him." Brambleclaw shrieked. Lionblaze fell down the slope, and landed on his neck.

"Lionblaze? Wake up!" Brambleclaw poked the light brown body. She was dead.

Hollyleaf froze in fear at the thought of her own littermate dying. Soon, Honeyfern's body replaced Lionblaze's 'body' and Jayfeather stared at Hollyleaf with his sightless blue icy eyes, but said nothing.

"Hollyleaf? Hollyleaf! Stop! Yo-" Jayfeather stuffed his tail into Brambleclaw's mouth. Suddenly Sol burst into camp and slit Hollyleaf's throat open. Sol then ran away.

"S-She's... dead..." Brambleclaw said with disbelief. Jayfeather had enough of this. Hollyleaf's body soon became Hazeltail's. His eyes flew open. He woke up to Leafpool staring right at him. He could smell her.

"Jayfeather? Jayfeather! St-" Jayfeather didn't hear what she said. He stomped out of the den and ran into Hollyleaf. He could smell her.

"Firestar!" Birchfall sounded terrified! Jayfeather had enough. He ran out of the camp and into Firestar. Firestar was dead. Why? He didn't know. Jayfeather stepped over his body and into the blood pool. He licked up all the blood. What? This isn't Jayfeather! It's Hawkfrost! How did we mess this up? Wrong protag.

Hawkfrost killed Firestar!
He didn't know.
And how?
Hawkfrost ripped Firestar's throat out. Wait a second, it's not Firestar! It's Tigerstar! Hawkfrost killed his own father!

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