raspberry yogurt ✼ Joshler

Tyler loves raspberry yogurt and the popular boy in his school , Josh .

Josh , on the other hand , hates raspberry yogurt but likes the cute nerd in school that has a secret fetish for girly things .


1. ✩one


I could only stare at him as he laughed with his group of friends, flashing his pearly whites in specific occasions. He was the type to make you smile when you were having an appalling day, or one of those days that were great, but a smile from a person like him brightened it even more.

I was having one of those days where it all going to shit. I had found out that I needed some extra credits for one of my classes or else I would not pass junior year. Plus on top of that the school food is crap.

I avoided all eye contact from the popular table as they turned to look at my direction, snickers softly bubbled up inside of each and one of them until it was full on laughter. I never really understood what was so funny about me. It could be the fact that my backpack is girly, or the fact that the oversized sweater I wear almost everyday is lilac. It could even be the fact that every time Josh Dun passes by me or even looks at me, I freak out and make a fool out or myself.

Maybe it's the way I appreciate girl things. I love them so much and they don't just make me look better, they make me feel confidence when I need it the most. My best friend Melanie supports me with everything I do and have. She says that it is the best way for someone to remain happy , and I agree with her.

I packed up and I glanced at their table again, their laugher was still loud and obnoxious. They seriously had no respect for the feelings of others. I've only been in this school for about three months and those three months have been hell for me. Dealing with their daily bullying was not something I wanted anymore.

I walked out of the crowded cafeteria and towards my locker where I stuffed my backpack and took my two science books out. It's awfully unnecessary to have to use two huge blocks we call books , for a class that will only last a good hour, maybe less.

I had to suck up the fact that most of the popular kids in this school have the same honors classes as I do, yet the can't even spell a word correctly. The only good in all that is that Josh has most of the classes I have.

Getting pulled away from my stressful thoughts, I let out a snort/groan as whoever was in a hurry bumped against me, sending me absentmindedly to the red tiled floor .

And everything I carried went flying everywhere.. Great.

Huffing , I angrily began picking up my colored pencils, glitter pens, and even my baby blue paper clips. This person better have some serious apologizing to do for what they did!

"I'm sorry.. My friend thought it would be funny to push the one person who actually treats people nice in this school. I noticed you hit your elbow hard when you fell..you're kind of bleeding a little.."

At the sound of bleeding, I snapped my attention from the gel pens and to my scraped elbow which was indeed bleeding.

Whoever pushed me must have some serious homophobic issues..

"I'll take care of it in a little. Thanks for all your "concern" but I'm sure you need to get going . I'm not something to worry about. "

The person scoffed in a hurt matter, making me notice how rude it all actually came out. Glancing up, I blushed hard, my hands beginning to sweat as if I had just ran a whole marathon or something .

"Really.. I'm fine. Sorry for sounding harsh.It is just that I'm not used to people caring for me. You probably should get to class, or else your privileges will get taken away. "

He only looked at me, big brown eyes confused, maybe curious about something ? Not sure exactly . He nodded and handed me the rest of what I had dropped, a soft and kind smile on his face before he turned and walked away.

I glanced down at my belonging and smiled, giggle left my mouth at the silly way he decided to give me his number I think. It was written on a Taco Bell wrapper.

How manly of him , really .

The rest of the day I could only smile at the little stunt he did, happy that someone in this horrid place knows that I exist. Knows that I am one of them.

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