The Babysitters


1. short story

This story is about a 15 year old girl named Mia. Mia has dark hair and green eyes. She is about 5"5 and her best friend is Samantha. Samantha has blond hair and blue eyes. Mia and Samantha are in high school together. One day in school Samantha came up with a great idea to raise money. They needed to get some sort of job because their parents told them to. Samantha said that they should start a babysitting service. Mia thought that was a great idea because she loved kids. Mia and Samantha both went over to Mia's house to make plans. They would treat it like a daycare after school. It would be from 4-9 for parents who work late and couples who need a break. They will also have time to do their own homework.  It would be Monday to Friday and have the weekends to them selves and a break. It was all settled and finalized and started in a weak. They got activities planned, flyers printed and snacks. The week went by so fast and it was time to start their new job. They were excited and nervous at the same time. After school they went to Samantha's to set everything up. They had their first kid. Her name was Julia. She was five years old and so adorable. They got so many kids they thought they couldn't handle it at first. Samantha took seven kids and Mia had 7 kids. There were four babies, three 5 year olds, three 7 year-olds and four 10-year-olds. It was pretty even from genders. There were seven boys and seven girls. Samantha had all of the 10-year-olds for helpers and Mia had Julia. Julia was Mia's biggest help and was only five. She kept the three-year-olds quiet and entertained when  Mia changed the two babies She had. They charge $20 an hour per child. By the end of the night the house was a mess but they raised $1400 in one night. $700 a piece. They both collapsed on the couch.

    Mia- I don't know if I can do this.

    Samantha- same here.

    Mia- know what we need. More helpers.

    Samantha- my brother and his friend could help.

    Mia- how old is your brother again.

    Samantha- our age.

    Mia- great. We need to get more organized though.

    Samantha- How?

    Mia- like different areas for different age groups.

    Samantha- great idea.

Mia and Samantha wrote down some plans and got more snacks. The living room was for 10-year-olds and older with access to the video games, the babies were in the dining room or with one of the babysitters and anyone else able to walk was upstairs. Samantha and Mia were alone at 4 o'clock. They started to come in and Julia was the first again. Mia told her that she can do anything she wanted as long as she can still help out a little. Mia told all the other kids where they were allowed to go and not allowed to go. Mia is in the kitchen with one baby on her hip and Julia at her feet. She wasn't annoying Mia but help her feed the other baby in the dining room. The boys came in and Samantha is really mad at her brother. Samantha takes her brother Ryan and his friend in the kitchen. Samantha tells his friend to help Mia out with the other baby. Ryan moves out of the way and he is walking towards Mia. Mia is looking at him. Mia thinks that he is really cute. Blonde hair, green eyes,tall  and his name is Jackson.

    Jackson- hi, I'm Jackson.

    Mia- Mia.

    Jackson- need any help?

    Mia- oh... Yeh. Can you feed Julia's baby girl?

Mia tells Julia that she can go play with the other kids. Julia gives the food to Jackson and runs upstairs. Jackson picks up the baby and starts to feed her. Mia thinks that it is so cute how he gets along with the kids.

    Jackson- so do you really like kids?

    Mia- totally. They are just so cute. What about you?

    Jackson- oh yeh.

Mia stands up to burp her baby boy. Her baby is just so happy. Jackson stands up and starts bouncing his baby girl. His baby is not even crawling yet. A little boy around five or six yanks on Jackson shirt. His name is Johnny. He wants him to play with him.

    Jackson- do you mind if I....

    Mia- no problem. She is already asleep.

    Jackson- thanks.

Jackson goes to the living room and plays with the three boys. Mia finds it very attractive that he gets along with the kids so well. Mia is watching them try to tackle Jackson. Jackson grabs one of them and starts tickling him. The other two wants some too and  tackle him as well. Samantha comes up behind Mia and startled her.

    Samantha- you like him.

    Mia- no I do not!

    Samantha- yes you do.

    Mia- ok, maybe.

    Samantha- no, you like him. Admit it!

    Mia- fine I like him. He's just so cute with the kids.

    Samantha- go play with him. I got the babies.

    Mia- you sure.

    Samantha- yes they are asleep. Now go!

    Mia- ok.

Mia put her baby boy in his carriage asleep and goes to play with the boys. Jackson has  the seven-year-old pinned on the couch tickling him to death. He has his back turned so Mia decides to tickle Jackson sides. He doesn't do anything but he lets the child go and turns around just smiling.

    Jackson- what, do you want some of this Mia?

Mia saw the look on his face and starts running. Jackson chases her. The kids are now chasing both of them. They go upstairs and back downstairs till Mia got tired and and stopped. Jackson tackled her to the ground.

    Mia- come on Jackson. 2 out of 3?

    Jackson- that's not how this game works. Now, are you ticklish?

    Mia- why even ask that question.

    Jackson- just checking.

Jackson has her arms above her head with one hand, and tickling her stomach and under arms with the other. Mia is dying on the ground and Julia saves her by jumping on Jackson and he let Mia go, to get Julia. Mia ran over and picked up Julia to save her. They sat on the couch watching Jackson and the other kids. The doorbell rings and a half hour later everyone was gone. Samantha and Mia collapsed on the couch. Ryan and Jackson were picking up upstairs and Samantha and Mia were picking up downstairs.

    Samantha- so I saw you and Jackson.

    Mia- oh. When did you see us?

    Samantha- when he was on top of you tickling you.

    Mia- oh.

    Samantha- oh, come on, you liked it.

    Mia- what's not to like. He is so cute.

    Jackson- who is so cute?

    Mia- oh, um that little girl Julia.

    Jackson- oh, you mean the girl who saved you from me tickling you to death.

    Mia- you weren't going to tickle me to death.

    Jackson- you will never know until  you try.

    Mia- what?

Jackson started walking towards Mia. Mia looked at Ryan who said that she should run. Ryan and Samantha were just sitting on the couch ready to enjoy the show. Mia got up quick and started to run. She ran upstairs again but was trapped between the wall behind her and on the right of her, Jackson in the front of her and the railing on the left side of her. She was looked over the railing.

    Jackson- sorry Mia, but it looks like you're trapped.

    Mia- not quite.

Mia jumped over the railing and landed on the stairs. Ryan was impressed and knew how he was getting downstairs for now on. Jackson still got her and said that he was impressed  but still beat her. Jackson was over her ready to tickle her. Jackson started to tease her a little bit and then started to lightly tickle her. Jackson tickled Mia for a good 20 minutes and got tired.

    Mia- let .... Me go Jackson..... I will do anything!

    Jackson - anything?

    Mia- anything. Just let me go!

Jackson had a great idea and he stopped tickling her. Jackson let Mia catch your breath a little. He leaned really close into Mia. Then kissed her. Mia sat up while Jackson was still sitting on her lap. Mia put her arms around Jackson and kissed him again.

    Mia- can I get up now?

    Jackson- (smiled) sure.

Mia was so happy that they needed more help with the babysitting because if they did not Mia would never have met Jackson. Jackson went to another school but Mia but knew that if they kept the babysitting service up, they would be with each other every day. Mia, Jackson, Samantha, and Ryan were the new official babysitters.



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