Cold feets

"Its her, the strange being, she's so odd"
Its what I hear when I walk around with hope, I'm different and I was born with a white hair , I was nicknamed ella dé jinxed,
And then I unluckily found love were I found hate. MY NAME IS ARIELLA


2. chapter 2 ( blank expressions)

School time was already halfway. It was time for lunch so I  went to sit in my usual spot, I sit there alone and sometimes I pretend to have an imaginary friend, which is obviously weird but sometimes friends are really important at some point in school, especially this school.

I could hear footsteps coming towards me, I knew who it was already,

it was Neeta, hmm, to summarise Neeta in three words I'll say pretty, mean and too girly, I mean because she's horrible doesn't mean she's ugly. she gets all the boys attention and she acts like a clean freak like seriously she embarrassed a nerd last week just because he mistakenly threw a scrunched paper at her.

"hello miss de jinxed". So yep, it was definitely her.

I turned around slowly trying to act as normal as I can but it always ends up wrongly. I fell off my chair unexpectedly causing me to land on the floor instead of my bag. I heard the usual giggling and laughter of the crowd before I tried to stand up.


After the whole incident I still felt normal, I still had a smile on my face and I still waved to teachers like nothing happened.

"HEY!!" I heard someone call me from afar, well that voice is unfamiliar. I turned and to my surprise I found a stunning guy in my presence, wait?....did I just say stunning? hmm maybe he is. he looked shy and he dressed really smart, so I'm guessing he's new here.


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