Dead Flower


12. Sweaty Dreams

I walked into the school, down the halls, but everything was empty. I saw no one, and I was all alone. It was the first day of school after the holidays, but no one was here? Everything felt so empty. I finally realized, that I was too late, and everyone was sitting in their classes. I had forgot which one I had first, so I just walked around, trying to find my class. I suddenly saw Hyacinth's hair turning right, and I followed her, but I could't keep up. She turned around and smiled, and then I kissed her.

I opened my eyes and said:

"I missed you, baby", just like she had said to me right before I left, but when I opened my eyes, it wasn't Hyacinth opening her eyes. 

"I missed you too so much", it was Shira. I was confused. Everything was turning and spinning. I couldn't stand up straight. I fell to the ground, but when I looked up, two girls were standing above me. Hyacinth & Shira.

They started whispering at the same time - the same thing:

"Choose! Choose! Choose! Choose!", it just went on and on and on. I felt a tear falling down to the ground, and suddenly I was sitting in a lake of my own tears, but now they turned red, and the water turned red. It looked like blood. I looked down on my hands - I had two human hearts in my hands. I panicked, and dropped them, but then I looked up, and saw Hyacinth and Shira falling down into the lake of blood. I tried to get them out of there, but I couldn't find them. They were gone in the blood. Everything turned dark, and it started spinning again, but I kept on searching through the blood. I suddenly grabbed a hand, and a woman covered in blood came up. 

"What have you done my son? Look at yourself. I am disappointed", it was my mom. Everything was spinning really fast, and I felt dizzy. I passed out.

I woke up in the airplane by the landing - all sweaty. I took a deep breathe, and looked around. It was a dream. I was relieved. 

I was sure about my choice, cause she was sitting right next to me. 

Maybe this half year at my cousin's, had changed me, but they had also made me better. I had found the one, and dumbed two girls, who just caused a lot of trouble and drama for me. Maybe I was the one causing them trouble, but I just knew, that I couldn't keep playing two wonderful and beautiful girls, like they were nothing to me. It hurt dumbing Shira, and it hurt letting Hyacinth down, but I couldn't hurt them more than by that. If I cheated on Shira, or chose Shira instead of Hyacinth, they would just have felt so bad. I couldn't live with that.

"Are you ready to go?", Ashley said and smiled. Ashley was a long-legged blonde with the coolest personality. She looked like a supermodel, but acted like a dude and was totally down to earth. That was what I loved about her. Whenever I'd be feeling it all crumbling down, I'd just look at her, and she'd be so calm in all of the distress. 

I just didn't know how to break it down to my two exes.. But we'd see about that. 

No one was home, when we got home. Everything was empty.

Ashley and I starred awkward at each other:

"So do you think, you have any beer?", Ashley asked.

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