Dead Flower


11. Complications

When it was that special time of year, where everyone would be singing songs about love and celebration, Shira had forgiven me. 

Hyacinth had gone away to Thailand for a month with her aunt or something, and Simon had fallen for some girl, he met through Tinder. Tinder was the kind of place I'd find girls to fuck, not date... But not Simon, he fell for them "Tinder-girls". 

It was Christmas, the most magical time of the year, where even Tinder turned into a real dating side, and not just some hookup app.

Shira had invited me home in the holidays to have a Christmas dinner with all of her family, which I was looking forward to. I went all in with a suit and everything. I looked real good. I'd even got my self a new Armani perfume, so I didn't only look good - I also smelled good. 

I had just left my house, when someone called my name. It was the most annoying and sharp voice, and the only person who had such a voice, was Hyacinth.

I turned around, she ran up to me and hugged me. 

"I missed you, while I was gone, baby", she said and looked at me all innocent. I was pissed at her, and I didn't want her near me, cause where Hyacinth went - trouble followed. I didn't need trouble. Shira and I had just gotten back to normal again. It was all so nice and good right now, I didn't need Hyacinth's bullshit. She could just go back to Thailand and she might as well stay there. I wouldn't care at all... Or would I?

"I'm in a hurry, sorry.. But I gotta go", I tried to get away from her fast, but she grabbed my hand, turned me around and kissed me. I pushed her away.

"Wtf, Hyacinth?!", I got mad now. Why was she so desperate? When girls were desperate, I'd always get turned off. It just wasn't attractive, when girls were acting desperate. I hated it, even someone as beautiful as Hyacinth, could become so ugly within a minute, but what I got most mad about, was that I wanted her to kiss me again. I wanted to kiss her back, and I wanted to hold her tight. I missed cuddling with her. I missed dancing with her. God.. I even missed fighting with her. I just couldn't go there. She was a part of me, but so was Shira. 

"Didn't you miss me?", she said with twinkly eyes.

I closed my eyes, and took a deep breathe: 

"Of course I did, but I really gotta go now", I said, and ran to the car, before she could stop me. 

I was sitting in the car for 15 minutes, before I walked into Shira's house. I needed to break it off with her.. I couldn't hurt her like that. I couldn't do it to her again, and I knew, I was on the wrong path, when I wanted Hyacinth more than Shira to kiss me. Hyacinth was all I thought about these days, and I did miss her. Shira just made me so much better.. And wasn't that the point of being in a relationship? To make each other better? But aren't you also supposed to challenge each other, like Hyacinth always challenged me?

All of this was too much, and I had to make up my mind alone. I called my cousin in the car, who lived in LA and decided to stay there for the rest of the holidays. I went to the dinner, and it was great.

After that I lied, and told Shira, that I had to leave, cause me cousin had gotten really sick, and was laying in the hospital, so I had to go there and visit him. 

I also met up with Hyacinth, who promised me, that she wouldn't tell Shira about her kissing me, and told her the same story about me cousin, and then I left.



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