The Green Eyes That Saved Me

Lonely, lost, and devoid of all hope: Levi Ackerman had lost sight of life. He was going about his daily chores with the monotonous ways of a robot, programmed to repeat it's actions until the end of it's days. Suicidal and self-harming, Levi never thought he would be able to restore any manner of dignity or significance to his world. His job was pointless, his house was a wreck, he had no family and he had no friends. He believed no one would notice or care if he just slipped away... It took one look from Eren Jaeger to change his mind.


4. Chapter Four

I groaned resignedly, rolling over and turning myself into a human cocoon with my duvet as I smacked the vibrating device hard, successfully silenced it, and sent it plummeting off my precarious bedside table and onto the dusty grey carpet below. I grunted again as I hauled myself out of bed, miserably reaching for my work uniform as I glanced out of the window. The sun was only just rising above the horizon, and any light it gave off or the streetlamps had left, was instantly drowned by the torrential rain that was hammering against the glass pane, almost exactly describing my ominous mood.

            After changing into the despicable red polo shirt and jeans I loathed with a passion, I made my way groggily into the bathroom, splashed my weary face with freezing cold water and dragged a broken comb through my unkempt hair, yawning constantly. I had been right, I seriously wished I hadn't been awake until the early hours of the morning, but I couldn't for the life of me remember why I had been up that late... Luckily for me - or not so much - the memories of the night before came crashing into me. Literally crashing into me in the form of Eren Jaeger.

            As I was exiting the bathroom, he made to enter it, and we crossed paths with a painful bump. Eren toppled over backwards and I swore loudly, rubbing the swelling bruise on the front of my head as the teen struggled to his feet.

            "I'm sorry!" Eren stammered, breathless from the fall and out of his embarrassment. "I'm so sorry!"

            "Tch..." I muttered, adjusting my shirt after the collision had caused it to travel up my stomach. "Don't sweat it. Just, remind me you're here a little less painfully next time."

            Eren nodded vigorously, his eyes wide, a deep blush spreading quickly across his cheeks. I ignored this, and continued my course into the kitchen, delving into one of the only occupied cupboards in the room. After searching for something that wasn't months past it's sell-by date, I managed to rustle up two bowls of slightly soggy cornflakes, with milk that was only a bit off. I shouted Eren's name, feeling slightly awkward doing this as I had never called anyone in for breakfast before.

            However, it was a perfectly successful endeavour, and Eren came running to my side within seconds, his face aglow with hunger.

            "I haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon!" he exclaimed, gleefully taking his bowl from me and beginning to eat greedily.

            "Good for you," I replied tonelessly, picking up my own spoon and unenthusiastically eating a tiny morsel. "I haven't eaten in three days."

            "Then hurry it up!" Eren laughed, his voice almost incomprehensible due to the immense amount of cereal he had shovelled into his mouth. "Aren't you supposed to be ravenous, if you haven't eaten for that long?"

            "Nope," I said, reaching repetitively for my next helping. "I've been starving for so many years now that feeling hungry is just a way of life."

            I looked up from my sodden cornflakes, and observed Eren eating with an exceedingly amused expression upon my face. It amazed me how one 19 year old boy could eat his way through a meal in less than a minute. Before I knew what had happened, Eren was pushing his empty bowl towards me, with just a few dregs of milk left swimming around at the bottom. I raised an eyebrow at him, causing the teen's face to glow pink again.

            "Did I eat too much food?" he asked sheepishly, staring down at the chipped surface of my dilapidated kitchen table.

            I shook my head, offering Eren my own, practically untouched, breakfast bowl. He snatched it from me eagerly, picking up his previously discarded spoon and recommencing his high speed eating.

            I chuckled openly, and it almost felt like the muscles I used to smile were rusty, and I found myself picturing the image of an old mansion gate, coated in cobwebs, swinging open with a pained, ancient creak. Man, I really was starting to feel old. Although I suppose having a teenager in the house didn't help.

            "By the way, when do you want me out of here?" Eren asked, almost on cue to my thoughts.

            I took a quick glimpse out of the window before I answered him. It was still horrendously bad weather beyond the glass, with torrential rain and a howling gale raging amidst dangerously dark clouds. I got the feeling than a brewing, unsettling thunderstorm might be on the way.

            "I guess you can hang around for a while, until the weather calms down," I said, wondering why on earth I didn't just throw him out into the rain.

            "Really? I'm not being a pest?" Eren inquired incredulously, once again adopting his confused puppy expression. "Don't you have to go to work?"

            That was when the cunning smirk appeared on my face, which half alarmed and have intrigued the teen it was directed towards.

            "That's right," I answered smugly, crossing my arms across my uniform clad chest in an oddly pleased manor. "I do have to go to work. You're coming with me."

            I had expected Eren to be taken aback, annoyed, or disappointed. I had not been ready for his actual reaction.

            "Are you serious?!" he cried, practically leaping about on the kitchen floor.

            "Well of course, or I wouldn't have said it," I scoffed, hiding my true feelings of hilarity and... was it gratitude? "Now hurry your ass along and get dressed - you can borrow some clothes from my small, boring selection. We don't want to be late, my boss will have both our heads if we are."

            Eren jumped to attention, and I half expected him to salute. Instead he nodded in a formal, business-like manor and immediately marched into my bedroom, knelt down beside the small wardrobe in which I stored my clothing, and began to root through it until he found something that was to his liking. Once that was complete, he proceeded into the bathroom, where he completed the fastest change of clothes I have ever seen in my life (around 25 seconds, if you were wondering) before hurrying back out to meet me. He scurried back to my side with an eager look upon his slightly battered face, one that was reminiscent of a child who was about to set out on a trip to the theme park.

            "When are we leaving?" he demanded, refraining from tugging on my sleeve in his anticipation.

            I couldn't understand what he was so excited about. It was only work after all. Just another tedious, boring, pointless day at work.

            "About now," I clarified, glancing at the clock just to make sure.        

            Eren raised a hand out in front of him, gesturing that I should lead him out of the house, just as I had lead him in. However, the boy's weird ways worked their magic again, and I found myself shaking my head to decline, indicating that he should take the lead.

            "You go ahead," I said tiredly, nudging him encouragingly in the small of the back. "I'm shattered; you've got a better chance of remembering where I left the car."

            Eren stumbled in front of me, took the key from my hand with slightly shaking fingers and let us out of the house. He struggled to close and reseal the worthless privacy of my apartment, so I lent my expertise in wrestling with the rather unreasonable front door and assisted in smashing it shut, our joint effort driving us both to exasperated laughter.

            I couldn't remember the last time I had laughed alongside another person, and I certainly couldn't remember the last time I invited anybody out somewhere. Even if it was only asking for assistance with my awful job, I still felt like I had taken a big step against my social anxieties that day, and that wasn't something I was going to forget lightly.

            With Eren several paces ahead, we made our way out of the building and onto the rain washed streets, still with chilly water bucketing down from the deep purple clouds.

            "It really looks like a storm," I marvelled, steering a distracted Eren away from stepping out directly in front of a passing bus. "We need to hurry up and get on the road."

            As it turns out, Eren had no idea whatsoever where I had parked the car, so as a result, we both ended up wandering strangely around the streets, only to find that it had been right outside the apartment block. Fuming and terribly behind schedule, I unlocked the car and practically lifted Eren into his seat, nearly trapping his head as I slammed the door closed and sprinted around the front into my own chair. I jammed the key into its slot and started the ignition, listening to the car obediently coming to life and feeling the vibrations as I revved it experimentally. Even though I was hopelessly late for work, I found myself turning to Eren before I drove away from the kerb.

            "You ready to go?" I asked him, unsure as to why I had uttered this pointless question.

            Eren nodded, staring into my face with that happy, intoxicating stare that had somehow drawn me in. After receiving valid confirmation, I pressed my foot down hard onto the accelerator, causing the car to violently swing out onto the road, narrowly missing crashing into the parked vehicle in front of us. Once I had driven us safely out onto the road and joined onto the flowing current of traffic, I took one hand away from the steering wheel and lit a cigarette from the packet I kept in the door pocket of my car. I opened the window to reveal a tiny gap where my smoke could escape, but not enough to allow the torrential rain outside to sneak into the warm interior and soak us.

            Lucky for Eren that I had that cigarette, as it helped me to calm down enough so that I didn't lose it completely when we hit the usual rush hour traffic jam. As it was, I pummelled the horn on my steering wheel and cursed openly, revealing my frustration to anybody unfortunate enough to be walking to work amid this horrific downpour.

            "Welcome to adult life," I groaned, staring at Eren for something to do. "It sucks. You're gonna love it."

            Eren grinned, pulling the navy blue sweater that he had chosen closer up his neck as he burst out laughing. I have never seen anybody flash me a more radiant smile then he did then. 

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