INK ||cth||


// noun //

a coloured fluid or paste used for writing, drawing, or duplicating.


2. // one //

Naomi's POV
Everyday, a person walks in with a story. Sometimes they're absolutely stupid, full of shit, or retarded... But then you get the special ones.

The people that come in for a reason. Either because of a loved one, or just for themselves. There's meaning behind the ink being put into their skin.

Of course, not many people like that come into 'INK Studios'. Mainly because people think that there is no need for meaning. That its s pointless thing, a waste of time. Sure, you can get the name of your cat tattooed onto your toe, but is your cat going to care? I don't even think your cat would know it's name... Let alone be able to read it.

"Naomi! Harry's called in, says he's coming tonight!" John called from the front desk.

I looked up from Evelyn's stencilled neck, meeting John's gaze. "Alright, he wants me to do it?" I asked, bringing my attention back to Evelyn's stencil.

"Of course! What? He'd trust Benji over there? I don't think so..." I laughed at John's response, glancing at Benji who was currently situated in a chair, scrolling through his phone as he played with his freshly pierced lip.

"Alright, Ev. I've done the stencil, do you want to see it?" I asked, waiting for Evelyn to reply. See, many of the clients we get at INK Studios are regular ones. And I was in first name basis with all of them.

"Nah, I trust you enough." Ev replied, waving her hand away. I grinned, getting the needle ready and rubbing my hands together in anticipation. Today Ev was getting a small tattoo (surprisingly), a small heart to be exact. That was probably the smallest tattoo Ev had. She had a large dream-catcher on her right forearm and roses on her left. On her back, she had scattered birds and yin and yang. "So... How's life been treating you, love?"

"Meh, not too hard. Pretty fine, actually." I answered, carefully tracing the stencil with the needle I held firmly in my hands.

"Good, good." Ev said, nodding her head. Out of all the clients I served, Evelyn was the only woman I actually made conversation with. The only guy being Harry, and his mates.

"Hey, Mimi!" I heard a deep, British voice say. I smirked, rolling my eyes as I looked up to meet the one and only Harry Edward Styles.

"Hey, Harold." I said, finishing up with Evelyn's heart. I placed the needle back on the table, grabbing a towel I had placed in warm water before.

"You know I don't like that nickname." He whined, frowning. I laughed, shaking my head as I dabbed the small black heart.

"And you know I don't like being called 'Mimi'. I'm not one of your future cats, you know." I joked, applying ointment to the tattoo before taping the bandage down onto it. "Okay, just leave this on for about 2-3 hours, Ev. Then you can show the whole world your new masterpiece." I said, standing up as Ev did the same.

"Of course." Evelyn said, walking over to John as she waved goodbye to me. I sighed, turning to Harry.

"So... What's it this time, Styles?" I asked, walking over to him.

"I was thinking about a butterfly." I raised an eyebrow.

"A butterfly? Why a butterfly, Haz?"

"I dunno... Not sure." I sighed.

"Really? No meaning? No long 'Harry' story about something weird that turns out to be boring in the end?" I asked.


"Good Lord." I muttered.

"Hey, Mimi!"

"Oh for Gods sake, don't call me that!" I yelled, watching as one by one, Louis, Liam, Zayn (A/N: yes, bitchacho, IM BACK) and Niall walked in.

"Sorry..." Louis said nervously.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked, frowning.

"Nothing. Just thought we'd come to watch what Harry was getting done." Louis said, plopping down into a chair.

"Huh..." I scoffed, sitting Harry down as the rest of the boys settled down.

"Are you sure you want a butterfly?" I asked again.

"Yes... 100%."

"Good. Because we don't do refunds." I smirked, drawing out the stencil. The door to the studio opened again and looking up, noticing that these four were definitely foreigners. I stood up, looking over to John who was still in deep conversation with Ev. Just get married already, I thought, walking over to the front desk.

"Welcome to INK Studios. How can I help you?" I asked. Huh, these boys are definitely something. One had a SnapBack covering his bright red hair (A/N: yes, I know his hair is currently not red. But that's the fam's fave so...) another with curly hair, secured with a red and white bandana. And the last two... One was a blonde, black lip ring adorning his lip and the other... Damn. Tan skin, black hair with a blond streak near the front.


"Uh... Us two have an appointment." SnapBack boy said, pointing to Tan.

"Okay... Names?" I asked, flipping through the humongous appointment book. You don't understand how many times I have told John that we need a computer, but he's that old fashioned kind of person and always says no.

"Um, Calum and Michael." SnapBack, or 'Michael' said. I nodded, flipping through the appointment book, finally finding their names before I heard Louis bellow from across the studio, "Aye, boys! It's good to see you!" I frowned, how did Lou know these boys? I'd never seen them before and Louis spends most of his time with Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall anyways...

"Hey! We missed you!" Bandana boy shouted as he ran up to Harry, hugging him tightly.

"Zayn!" 'Calum' or Tan boy said, grinning as they 'man-hugged'.

"Yes, Nialler, my boy!" Blondie said, laughing as him and Niall chest bumped before laughing hysterically.

"You all know each other?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yup, we did a few gigs together." Niall said, his arm around Luke. I nodded, I knew my little English friends were part of a band they had called 'One Direction'. And yes, they were pretty big, had a few of their own songs played on the radio, did a few big gigs. They were living their dreams and I loved how passionate they were about it. But these other boys... I can't even say anything.

"So you boys are a band too?" I asked, leaning against the bench, pen between my fingers.

"Yeah, but we're a little different to these boys." Michael said. Bandana boy nudged Michael, clearing his throat as his eyes darted to me. "Oh! Right... Um, I'm Michael, but you already know that. Little Ching Chong over there is Calum-"

"I AM NOT ASIAN FOR GOD'S SAKE!" Calum yelled.

"Then what are you?" (a/n: jeez, this sounds ruder than it did in my head, whoops) I asked, interested    

"Then what are you?" (a/n: jeez, this sounds ruder than it did in my head, whoops) I asked, interested.

"I'm half Kiwi and half Scottish." Calum said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Ah..." I said, nodding.

"Bro, you think she'd know where Kiwi's are from?" Michael asked in a 'duh' kind of tone.

"As a matter of fact, I do. Kiwi's are from New Zealand. I should know, I did some travelling there, plus I lived in Australia for a few years." I said.

"Really?! We're from Australia too! Which city? We're all from Western Sydney." Blondie said, "Oh, and I'm Luke by the way." He added.

"Sydney, huh? I stayed in Adelaide. My aunt and uncle live there, so it was easier for me to stay there. But I did visit Sydney." I said.

"AND I'M ASHTON FLETCHER IRWIN!" Bandana boy yelled abruptly.

"Whoa! Calm down there, buddy. Nice to meet you all, I'm Naom-"

"NO! HER NAME IS MIMI!" Louis screamed.

"Louis William Tomlinson. I suggest you shut the hell up right now, or I will get Benji to do nipple piercings on you!" I snapped. Louis gasped, shaking his head furiously. The rest of the boys laughed, chanting 'oohs' and 'shots fired'.

"Okay then    

"Okay then... Harry, I'll quickly finish you up, then I'll get the Aussies done." I said, motioning for Harry to lie back on the chair as I sat on the stool beside him, getting the ink and needles ready.







Heyo! This is a new fanfic... And it's not a Harry one, it's a Calum one. And because I'm Calum af, i know it's going to be a 'hood' one. Ba dum tsh! Nevermind... This is the first chapter and I hope you liked it. Don't forget to comment and vote! Ily xx



P.S. Zendaya plays Naomi, Johnny Depp plays John and Zac Efron (punk) plays Benji. And 5SOS and 1D play themselves, because no one can replace mah boys.

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