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Armin Arlert doesn't want to go to a new school in the condition he is in. He doesn't want to face the fact he will be bullied. He doesn't want peoples pity.
He is deaf, he will never be able to hear again. When he goes to a new school, he expected somebody full of tattoos and piercings would beat him up, but he never thought of falling in love with him.


4. Chapter Four

Lunch time was Armin's favorite time of the day. It was the only time he could hang out with his small group of eleven friends. Now, eleven people to most would be a huge group, but at the school they go to, it's too small of a number.

They all sit at one table in the cafeteria near the booths. The boots were small and only two-four people could fit in them. And that's why Eren and Levi sit there.

Eren wishes he can be at a table, but Levi banned him from having friends. Levi took complete control over Eren's life when they ended up living together, but to Eren it's better than being homeless and a dropout.

He can see Armin at his table, laughing and signing what he is saying. People would laugh and sign back as well. Maybe Eren was a bit rude by talking a bit slower. These people are talking pretty fast and laughing; Armin can understand them perfectly without the sign language.

"Can someone help me?" Armin's friend asked. She couldn't learn sign language because she's blind. Armin noticed her looking for something.

"What are you trying to find?" he asked.

"The braille thing for my phone. I can't find it," she said, hoping she was facing Armin so that he knew what she was saying. Luckily he was, so he helped her find the braille keyboard that attaches to her phone. "Thank you," she said, smiling. She wasn't looking at Armin, so he didn't know she said that.

'She said thanks,' Bertholdt signed.

"Oh, you're welcome Mikasa," Armin said, chuckling and rubbing the nape of his neck nervously. 

Everybody can admit that Mikasa was hot. Armin is gay and he still finds Mikasa pretty cute. Her beautiful black hair passed her shoulders and her black eyes would shine even when there wasn't any light. It's a shame that her beautiful eyes are useless. 

Armin and Mikasa met on his first day of school along with the rest of the group. It was in the morning before school started and Bertholdt was showing Armin around. They didn't meet in the huge group of theirs, just one at a time, but they still met each other.

Everybody here was so friendly and that's what Armin loved. It wasn't like his old school where everybody was judgmental. He has ten people right in front of him who are true friends and actually care about him.

He knew Sasha pretty well since she was the first person to talk to him. She was always so full of energy, yet serious when needed. She's mainly a goof who's always getting into trouble for being on her phone or eating during class.

Bertholdt, Reiner and Annie were always together right when they got to school. They have a strong bond that can never be broken. One time, Annie wasn't at school and the two boys were freaking out over where she was.

Connie was exactly like Sasha, but he wasn't as loud and open about things like her.

Jean was always next to Armin's side while Marco was trying to always be next to Jean's side. Armin knows that Marco has a huge crush on Jean, so he really does try to back off but Jean just keeps pushing himself onto Armin to protect him from Eren.

Ymir and Krista were two girls happily in a relationship. Ymir was always serious and overprotective when it came to Krista. Krista was very open and sweet, while Ymir was the exact opposite. It's strange, since they are alike in some way Armin couldn't put his finger on.

And lastly, Mikasa. Mikasa lost her vision as she grew older just like Armin with his hearing. She lost her vision not too long ago, so she is still trying to find her way around and trying to find things easy. She was a boxer before she became blind, and she still has some abs on her.

One thing Armin doesn't know is that Mikasa is related to Eren's boyfriend, Levi. Levi noticed Mikasa and Armin talking to each other on the first day of school, and that's when he told Eren to start bullying him.

The bell rang and Armin got up. You didn't need to hear when the bell went off. There are 600 people in the cafeteria and everybody gets up at the same time. That's how you know the bell went off.

Armin got up and waved goodbye to his friends as he left through a different exit to get to his next class faster. Eren noticed him walking alone and ran to walk next to him. He tapped on the boys shoulder, frowning when he was ignored.

He tapped the blonde boys shoulder again, flinching as he snapped, "what?!"

"I'm sorry, I just saw you walking alone and I thought I could apologize for earlier. I shouldn't treat you differently just because you're deaf," Eren awkwardly said, then looked away.

"I won't forgive you, Eren. I won't forgive anyone who bullies me," Armin replied, then turned to the nearest hallway to get away from him. He does truly believe he will never forgive anybody who has bullied him because they hurt him for no good reason.

When he got to his class, he quietly groaned when he remembered he has every class with Eren. That was a major problem because he really wants a way to escape from the bully. Eren is trying to apologize and Armin doesn't want him to because no apology will solve anything. 

He sat down in his seat and the teacher gave him a paper that had all the class assignments on it. "Thank you Mrs. Zoe," he said.

'No problem!' the brunette signed, then walked back to her desk and turned on the projector. Eren walked in the room with his eye full of blood. Mrs. Zoe ran up to him, asking if he needed to go to the nurse. He just shrugged it off and sat down in his seat.

Armin couldn't take his eyes off of Eren though. Right when he left, Eren obviously got punched. Who would've punched him though? Armin begged Jean to back off because Eren hasn't hurt him. Eren then looked over at Armin and they both froze.

Armin couldn't take his blue eyes off of Eren's green ones. His eyes were so beautiful, yet full of pain at the same time. Armin does feel bad because ever since he stopped bullying him, he's been getting hit, but rather not question it.

"Eren!" the teacher snapped, making his focus to onto the smart board once again as he apologized. He started taking notes as Armin did as well. Even though the lesson was written down on paper in front of him, he still likes writing down what is said on the board so he can remember it easier. It's always easy for him to write and remember than read and remember.

All the notes were completed and he put his notebook away and started on the assignment he got before class started. Earth and Space Science was a very easy class, it was third grade work to him. He was flying through the assignment while others were struggling. When he finished, he put the paper away and looked around the room. He noticed Eren struggling with the assignment and sighed.

He walked over to him and knelt down. Eren gasped, his eyes showing a little bit more life. He wasn't sure why he got so excited when Armin knelt down, but he loved the feeling because he's never felt that in years.

"What do you need help with?" Armin asked, then looked at the paper. Eren pointed to what he was struggling with with the end of his pen.

Armin explained on what the answer could be, then Eren wrote down when he thought of what the answer would be. "Correct."

Eren cheered and threw his hands up in the air. Armin looked at him and laughed, covering his mouth as he did so. He ended up helping Eren with the entire worksheet without giving him the actual answer, then got up to go back to his seat.

He gasped when Eren grabbed his hand. He looked at the brunette who was blushing. "Thank you, Armin. I know you don't like me, so it really means something when you help me," he said.

"I still don't like you," Armin said. "But you needed help and don't ask the teacher like the rest of the class, so I helped."

"But, still. You didn't need to and I really liked the fact that you did," Eren said, then turned away, blushing.

The blushing confused Armin, but just shrugged it off and went back to his seat. It hurt Eren because he didn't reply back, but he just figured Armin didn't understand him since he was mumbling. Armin also knows how to read lips when somebody is mumbling, he just didn't know how to reply back.

He was really curious why Eren was blushing. There was nothing to blush about. He furrowed his eyebrows when there was a tap on his shoulder. "Oh, hi Mrs. Zoe," he said, smiling.

'Can I talk to you out in the hall?' she signed. Armin nodded, walking out to the hall with her. 'How did you get Eren's attention?'

"What?" Armin asked, confused. "I just saw that he needed help and so I helped him."

'Eren never let's anybody help him. Ever. I even try to help him and he pushes my away. Is there something between you and him?' she asked, signing.

"No. But he did bully me and kept trying to apologize. I still don't accept his apology, but he was the only person I saw in the class struggling so I helped him since I didn't have anything else to do," Armin said, shrugging as if it was nothing.

'Also, like the entire class saw him blushing because of you. Now, before you say anything, I am obviously older and I am married, had many boyfriend and girlfriends before my husband, so I know how it is when somebody likes someone else. I can tell Eren likes you,' the teacher signed.

Armin turned bright red, shaking his head violently. "N-no! He can't like me! You're crazy! He only wants to apologize, that's it! I will never forgive him, never mind be in a relationship with him!" he exclaimed.

Mrs. Zoe sighed, then signed, 'a lot of people show their feelings in anger. Maybe that's what he was doing.'

Armin just shrugged, looking down. Either way, he won't forgive him. Anger over feelings is no excuse, especially when he already has a boyfriend. 

Wait, that's right. Eren has a boyfriend. He doesn't really have feelings for the blonde, he's just acting strange...


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