An informal research paper about depression.


1. Depression

“I didn’t want to wake up. I was having a much better time asleep. And that’s really sad,” says Ned Vizzini’s, “It’s Kind of a Funny Story.” Depression is an up and coming mental illness in America, with over two-thirds of suicides being caused by depression each and every year. It comes in many forms, but there are certain types of depression.

The first type of depression is Major Depression. All types of depression are branched from Major Depression. When someone has major depression it lasts for most of the week, and they feel worthless, guilty. A side effect of this is a loss of interest in activities usually enjoyed. It is the most common type of depression.

The second type of depression is Persistent Depression. This type of depression lasts at least two years, and is a longer version of Major Depression. The symptoms are too much or too little sleep, and change in appetite. Much like Major Depression, feelings of hopelessness often fill up the person’s thoughts, and low self-esteem is common.

The third type of depression is Bipolar Depression. Bipolar depression is when the energy of the person runs from high to low, and low to high quickly and sporadically. This results in short bursts of happiness and depressed-like feelings. This means that one second everything could be perfect in someone’s world, and the next second, without warning, they could totally freak out, and feel lost, hopeless, and alone.

The fourth type of depression is Seasonal Affective Depression. This type of depression hits in the Winter months. This has been linked to the fact that there is less sunlight, leading to shorter days. The symptoms are that same as major depression, where energy is low, and where feelings are overall bad.

The fifth type of depression is Situational Depression. This type of depression is when feelings of depression hit during a stressful situation. The feelings can make the person lash out and be aggressive. Some symptoms are lost interest in previously enjoyed activities, being sleepy, or not being able to sleep, trouble making decisions, and loss or gain in weight. This depression does not last long.

The sixth type of depression is Psychotic Depression. This depression is major depression, but it also contains symptoms psychotic people have. This means that while feeling down, alone, and hopeless; the person is also having delusions, paranoia and hallucinations. There are also the feelings that come along with Major Depression. Which are worthlessness, and guilt feelings.

The seventh type of depression is Atypical Depression. Atypical Depression is temporary Major Depression. This type of depression is where the sad feelings, and low energy can diminish for a little bit by a exciting activity. Some symptoms of this are a greater appetite, being extra sensitive to criticism, and heaviness in arms and legs. This depression often leads to people telling themselves they are fine and not depressed.

Depression is a horrible disorder that is destroying lives. These types of depression, are not all of the types, but some of the big ones. If there are even a chance that someone has depression it should be reported, and help should be administered right away before it’s too late. Depression should not be taking lightly, as it has the power to destroy many lives.

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