State of Mind

Mali is an outcast, a weirdo, a stranger. She used to be a cheerleader, an idiot, and popular. Walt is a jock, an idiot, popular. He used to be an outcast, a weirdo, and a stranger. When they both get detention, something big happened.


2. .

"Check out my engagement ring, Sasha!" Jinimina's voice rang over all of the over voices in the cafeteria. Anyone could always hear the gossip girls, even if they were five miles away.

"Omigosh. That is beautiful, Jini!" said Marietta as the girls crowded around Jini's small and delicate diamond ring.

Tera sat in the corner and huffed. She looked jealous. "That's great," she growled. "Maybe I should get one like it."

Marietta glanced an angry glance at Tera, then looked back at Jini. "Who's the lucky fellow?" she asked.

"Walter Craig!" Jini squealed.

"Omg, Walt? I didn't even know you were dating!" said Sasha, a dark skinned girl with black hair.

"I did," I replied as I walked by and plopped down at the table. I had been waiting for the the perfect time to make an entrance.

Jini turned to the other girls. "Why does Mali know about it and no one else does? Obviously Mali is the only smart person around here."

Nobody said anything.

Jini turned back to me. "But how did you know? I was keeping it a secret."

I didn't say a word. Instead I changed the subject. "So how'd he propose?"

Jini smiled. "We were having coffee- I had a frappe, he had a black coffee. You know how he is..."

And she went on and on and on and on and on and on about every single detail.

I was really glad when the bell rang.

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