Animal inside

That scream, the anger. That's the animal inside, begging to be free.


1. Caged

The heat, the tears

They stream down your face

Why don't you push them away, yet taste them

The chill, a shiver down the spine

Adrenaline, rushing through your bones

They want to burst, they want to scream!

Your spirit, your fighting spirit

It's trying to break free

That is your spirit animal


The tears

Salty, hot, down your cheeks

The inferno, the crackling heat in your blood

The scream from deep inside your raw throat

The cry, the yell

It's your war cry

That is your spirit animal


The spirit animal

It cries, it screams

It tries to claw its way out

When you cry, when you yell

Your lion inside, your cheetah inside

Your spirit animal is trying to show it's true colors

You feel the rush, you feel the snap

The blush on your face, the heat

That is your spirit animal

It is caged


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