Look closer

Look at her. She sees you, a reflection. Do you see her, do you truly see in her soul?


1. Do you truly see her?

You have her now, treat her right

Look inside, look truly close

Look farther than the makeup

Look farther than the smile

Her mouth smiles, her eyes scream

The tears, her way of asking for you

Look closer, look inside

Look at her, look behind her pupils

She silently fights a war with herself

A war, for you

Look at her, treat her right 

Inside she's wondering, how you feel

Look closer, look at the pain

Do you see her, do you truly?

Do you know her story, her life?

What's her favorite place?

Where is her kingdom come?

Do you truly know her?

Or do you just know her body?

Look at her, truly look

When you pull back the plastic

When you remove the film from your eyes

Look at her, you'll see

She struggles, she worries, over you

Treat her well, treat her as she deserves

When you do look at her, do you see the story?

Do her eyes tell her story, do you know her?

When she smiles at you, try to read her

Look at her

Look closer 

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