Good Morning, Spring

Spring, a time that flowers shine, and the wind blows just a pinch of your hair. Good morning, spring!


1. A new day

Good morning spring time!

Your sun rays shine so brightly

Upon the earth, everyone is being warmed

The tips of the flowers, their dew glistens 

The promise of a new day

The wind blows, just cooling my face

The birds sing, a promise of happiness

As the blossoms sway, hugging the trees

And I can't but think, "This is perfect."

The pink, the purple, the pastel hues 

The blue sky, that never seems to end

The wispy, white clouds

The creatures coming out of hiding

The world is rising, the spring is near

The cold is shut out, the warm is hear!

Good morning spring!

Your wave is so friendly

I greet you as you pass

You give way to memories

I taste your sweet, salty promise

The promise of a new day 

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