To The Moon And Back...x

"You know what I miss most? The music, the possibilities. Only being afraid of spiders, stuff like that. Look at us now." When they said it would only be a few weeks for everything to be under control, everybody believed them. But weeks turned to months and months turned to years-and still, nothing has changed.


2. Something Of A Legend

The Leons were something straight out of a legend. Although there were only the two of them, everybody seemed to have heard of them; ask any living, breathing group you passed, and all of them over the age of fifteen had heard the stories. Each story of how they came about varies slightly, depending on who you ask, but the general idea is that the Leons had gotten lost on their way back to their group after a day of hunting. The story continues with that they had then been surrounded by the disease riddled undead in a forest clearing, their only protection the clothes on their bodies and the bandanna's they wore to cover their faces-the Leons managed to flee when they cut off the heads of their enemies with sharp, carved stones on the forest floor.

Or so the story goes. In truth, it was this and this alone; the Leons ran away from their group a year after settling with them. They hated how their leader worked, hated how he controlled everything. Some parts of the various tales were true. The Leons had been hunting with the group and saw it as their opportunity to escape-every other time had failed. That's where they got the scars, because every time they had failed, it earned them a beating carried out by the leader. So they ran away while hunting, had succeeded but then soon found themselves in trouble-the undead. This particular area of woodland held many hiding places for the Leons, so they weren't so much as trapped as blocked from their exit out of the forest. It was true that they were protected only by the clothes they were wearing and the bandanna's hanging loosely around their necks-at first. 

The Leons had a secret storage area where they hid all their possessions-their possessions included weapons such as fully loaded guns, extra bullets, tools needed to make bombs, assorted knives that gleamed silver in the moonlight, food, bottled water and all their essential clothing packed tight in backpacks with a few extra things. For her, this included more underwear and a range of women's hygiene products; for him, a miniature photo album and a first aid kit. They had collected their things to make their escape, and that they did, using only two of their eleven knives.

Everything else about their escape was a lie. There was no getting lost, no being surrounded by the undead and certainly no sharp stones that they cut off any heads with, whether alive or not. 

It was when the Leons had started to pay visits to different groups for trade is when the rumours had started to spread. The Leons offered to drive out any undead out of the surrounding areas by a group in return for their given price. The more dangerous the undead were, the higher the price was to pay. 

When the Leons were reported with a bullet to each of their heads, each and every person that had been longing for a visit, had been paid a visit, or had known them shed a tear. Not just for the Leons, but for themselves as well; Moses had come to part the red sea for the living, but now Moses had died before his staff had even lifted. 

So when the Leons had made a reappearance, alive, well and breathing, it came as a shock to everyone. Rumours, of course, were said that they had crossed over, needed to be killed again, but they weren't true. They hadn't died with a bullet to their heads, or died at all for that matter. The Leons had simply given themselves a little space from the prying eyes of the living. 


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