To The Moon And Back...x

"You know what I miss most? The music, the possibilities. Only being afraid of spiders, stuff like that. Look at us now." When they said it would only be a few weeks for everything to be under control, everybody believed them. But weeks turned to months and months turned to years-and still, nothing has changed.


1. Life/Death


In the beginning, they told the world that everything would be sorted within a few, short weeks. The world, always prepared to be spoon-fed news that was not all bad, believed that it would be okay. So when those few, short weeks were up, and things had not returned to any resemblance of normal, the world responded with panic. Oh, how they responded. Fear, rage-induced panic was the best kind of panic to respond with back then, because it showed just how angry people could be. 

The world had been introduced to a new kind of normal back then, a kind of normal that they didn't want. That world was not used to such a big change, a change they could not return from. They had been chucked into the deep end, their only hope to drown into the murky depths of their new hell and adjust extremely quickly to the rules of the undead.

In the beginning, people had wanted to end it, end it all. After a few years, people's hope for the old way, the normalcy that they were used to, had began to falter. After a decade, they just gave up. Given in to the fact that they were, indeed, living in a world where there were more undead roaming the ravaged earth than the actual living. 

In the beginning, there had been hope. In the beginning, people had wished on all the stars in the sky for a better place. In the beginning, they hadn't seen an end. In the middle, they were finally starting to see that there was no point in trying any more. Near the end, that was where everything had finally start to begin. The world had only just remembered what it was like to be a place where things could be shoved under the carpet. The world had begun to forget.

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