From friendship to relationship (PAUSE)

Emily and Edmund, have been friend since they were two cute 5-year-old kids in kindergarten. They became best friends one day, when Edmund helps Emily from a mean bully and the kindergarten. Since that day, you don't see one without the other. They are now 15-year-old teenagers and are about to start to freshman year on high school. Everytime people see them together they think that Emily and Edmund are in a relationship. They don't believe that a boy and a girl, just can be friends. But that isn't the case with Emily and Edmund.......Or is it? "From friendship to relationship" by Minna. This book as all my other books, it not to be copied. I have put time and work in them, and am thankful for you respecting my hardwork, and not copying the books.


1. Chapter One

I was playing with the dolls at the kindergarten. I was holding a very pretty Barbie doll. She had long blond hair, and she was wearing a pink cute summer dress. This was my favorite doll.

Every time I came to the kindergarten, I always played with this specific Barbie doll.

She was my only friend and she was my best friend.

My mommy and daddy always said that I should make friends with the other kids. But I didn’t want to be friends with them, and even if I did, nobody liked me.

They always said that I was a weird girl, because I was playing with dolls. They said that it wasn’t cool.

I didn’t want to change myself because of them.

Mommy and daddy always said that I should stay true and be myself. They also said that it was normal for a five-year-old girl like me, to play with dolls.

They said that it was the other kids that were weird, and that they called me weird because that they weren’t feeling good with themselves.
I didn’t want to think about this anymore so I just continued playing with the Barbie doll.

I was admiring her. I always thought that Barbie was the most beautiful doll in the world. She wasn’t just beautiful for her looks. She had a pretty personality.

Every time the other kids bullied me, I felt sad. But then Barbie would say to me that I shouldn’t listen to them, and that I wasn’t weird. And every time I listened to her, and then I was happy.

Barbie was always so nice to me, she took care of me and she always told me something that I needed to hear.

I looked out of the window. It was raining, it looked cold outside, and it was also a little chilly in here.

I ran out to the hall way and took my white jacket on. I loved this white jacket, it was always so warm and comfortable. It had these pink flowers all over it, and it also had some green lines coming through the flowers. I REALLY loved this jacket.

And then I thought. I was warm and comfortable, and then I look at Barbie and see that she is just wearing her summer dress.

I took Barbie with me back to the play room and took her to her doll house. I looked after the light-blue box where all the Barbie dolls clothes were. There! I found it on the shelf, next to the television.

I took the box down from the shelf and looked after something that Barbie could wear so she wouldn’t get cold.

My eyes searched for a jacket of some sort, and then they stop at a cute cowboy jacket.

I am sure that Barbie would love this jacket, but I wanted to ask her anyway, just to be polite.

“Barbie, it’s cold out there, and in here. I don’t want you to get sick. I found this cute jacket, and I am sure that it fits. Would you like to try it on?” I asked.

Then out of the blue one of the bullies came.

“Hello weirdo, are you still playing with dolls. You are just so uncool and stupid. And are you seriously really talking to that doll. You know that It can’t answer you back. Wow! I have never seen anyone so stupid and weird as you!” The bully said.

“I…i…i..” I said. I was shocked.

I still couldn’t believe how she could treat me like this.

I felt a tear drop falling down my cheek and then I began to cry.

I cried and cried, and the bully laughed and laughed at me. I couldn’t control my tears, they just kept coming.

Suddenly the bully took Barbie out of my hands, and then she said with a mean doll voice:

“Hello, I’m a stupid doll that became friends with ‘weirdo Emily’ to not be alone. But even I got bored with her company! She is so stupid and ugly. I can’t understand how she can look herself in the mirror. Oh wait! She can’t. I bet it breaks each time she looks at a mirror and sees herself. Ha! Look even the mirror thinks you are ugly. As do I and as do this very beautiful girl that’s holding me!”

I couldn’t stop the tears from coming in bigger streams.

I became more and more sad. But I knew that Barbie would never say such things to me. But it still hurt hearing her say that, even if she didn’t do it.

The bully laughed louder and louder and I felt powerless and helpless.

“Are you crying. That’s so adorable. NOT! You are so pathetic. How can you stand living with yourself when you know that nobody needs you and nobody likes you! You don’t have any friends, and you will never get any.”

I was shocked at her words. She had never said so mean things to me before. Neither had the other bullies.

I had never been so sad in my whole life before. Not even when I didn’t get any ice cream to my birthday. I was very sad that time. But I was sadder now.

“H..ho…How c..Can you do… me?” I asked while crying so the words that came out sounded all blurry.

“How? Well that’s easy I just tell you the truth and....well that’s it,” She said, “I also want to help you one more time by helping you get rid of this stupid doll.”

And with a blink of an eye she suddenly took Barbie’s head out off her body.

I started crying louder and louder. How could she kill Barbie like that? How could she kill my only friend. How could she kill my best friend….?



Hi Guys, thank you for reading. I will do my best to write the chapters as fast as i can.

Could you, please...., give a like, or maybe give a comment. This is my first story, and I really want to know what you think about it.

I also just want to say, that I got the inspiration for this story, from my friend Hamna <3


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