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"There is nothing more beautiful, than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it is sent away"

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2. Chapter 1

Hello everybody! This is the first chapter of my very first English written fanfic - I'm Danish, so I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes, I am doing my best - okay 😉 I hope you'll enjoy this fanfic, as much as I enjoy writing it and yea, let's have a good time! 

Before I start this fanfiction, I have to make something clear; this story is a work of fiction, all characters are based on the looks of real people, but the rest (how they act, their opinions, what they say, ect.) is all something I have made up, and not real.

I love you and thank you for giving my fanfic a chance 👌🙈❤ Enjoy! ⬇⬇⬇



The sound of waves kissing the shoreline, kids playing, people talking, birds singing. The best part of the year, had only started and everything was perfect. I sat up, tugging the cold side of the duvet closer to me. I closed my eyes, taking one deep breath, before getting out of bed.

The cold wooden floor against my bare feet, the smell of the sea and just the heavenly feeling of home. Three knocks on the door got me out of my, meditating mind set.

I turned my attention to the door as a tiny little head peeking from the chink of the door.

"Luna!" a high-pitched girl voice boomed through the room, making a smile appear on my face. Her tiny legs carried her, while she ran towards me. I bend down to catch her and get the hug I had waited three months for.

"Hi Celia" I said lifting her up, to swing her around; her laugh filled the room as I sat her on my bed. Another knock on the door sounded, and through came my mum.

"Luna sweetheart, when have you arrived?" my mother's voice spoke cheering as she ran towards me. I embraced her, taking in her sent of vanilla and coco. That sent, meant I really was home again.

"I arrived around two in the night, and I didn't want to wake you up so, I just quickly went to my room," I said taking Celia in my arms, hugging her tight.

"Oh of course! Now let's go get breakfast and you can tell me all about London," mum smiled, as she started walking out of the room. I followed her with Celia on my arm, when it hit me.

"I'll just go change into something a bit more appropriate," I said putting Celia down. My mum nodded and walked out with Celia. I went to my closet and found a pair of shorts and a plain tee.

I slipped on a pair of flip-flops and went down to the lobby, every employer I met, said their practised and welcoming good morning. I headed for the restaurant, where I knew my mum had taken our usual table. I sat down in my usual spot, with mum on my right and Celia on my left.

"So tell me, how it's going in London?" mum said, excited.

"Mum you already know, you call me every day," I said laughing.

"I still want to know, how school, friends and boyfriends is going?" she said, taking a bite of her bread.

"Well, school is fine - I don't really know if it is my thing, I don't really like it there, it is too much school and not enough photography as they made it sound, before I started," I said taking a sip of my water. "Friends is the same, I haven't really gotten any new friends, and no boyfriends - I would have told you," I said smiling.

"Of course, the friends' part I didn't have to ask about that - I already knew, sorry," she said shaking her head.

"It's okay mum, it is okay to forget sometimes," I said, wishing I could forget about it. Mum nodded and continued eating. I started eating my breakfast as well; I missed the luxury morning brunch. One of the employees came to our table, asking if they should take Celia to day-care, along with the other kids in the hotel and mum nodded.

"So how is the hotel?" I asked mum, with my mouth full. A big smile appeared on her mouth and it made me happy, to see her smiling that much.

"Believe it or not, this place is going great!" mum said with a happy and pleased laugh. I could see a tear form in her eyes, and I knew it was because of happiness. It was because she felt so proud of finally accomplice something great, like her dad.

"Dad, or grandpa, always told me I was crazy, when I told him about my hotel dream in Barbados, but he still left the money for me to make my dream come true." I could feel a tear in my eyes from the mention of my grandfather. He was French, and owned some big company that sold interior for houses. He passed away only a few years back. Before he died, he wrote a letter for mum, that told her to follow her heart and her biggest dream, which was to get a hotel in Barbados - and she did.

"But now when we are talking about the hotel, I have to get back to work," mum said getting out of her chair.

"It's okay, I'll go for a walk along the beach, I've missed it," I said giving her a hug, before we both went in different directions.

The beach was my place to hide, and let go of everything. I loved being there, I could forget about everything I wanted to forget. I felt normal, in some way.

Waves hit the shoreline every day; they all do the same thing repeatedly, just as I do, most of the times. Not many things changed in my life, but I still keep going. The sound of waves and the wind blowing my hair, made me feel home, for real. It felt so nice to be back, and knowing I wouldn't leave in a long time.

I walked for a bit, looking at my feet, only listening to my surrounding, when I hit upon something or more like someone. I looked up into a pair of green eyes; I quickly looked away, embarrassed - before I spoke.

"I'm so sorry, I should have minded my steps and surrounding, sorry," I said so quickly, it sounded like a blur of homemade words. I took a steep back, now being able to see whom I bumped into. It was a boy, with brown hair - it was quite long and had a hint of curls. The boy smiled from ear to ear.

"It's okay love, I don't think it's only your fault, I was in my own world too," he said, his voice so husky and deep and his British accent so thick. I took a deep breath, drawing my attention back to the sea.

"That is why we are all here," I said smiling at the boy.

"Yea, I guess - everyone needs a break from everything and get some time where we can forget about the real world," he said smiling down at me. I slowly nodded as we both looked at the waves.

"What is your reason for a break, from the real world?" I asked, looking at him.

"I guess that I need a break from work and the people at home. To just get away, and do what I want and not what people want me to do - some time to just be me," he said taking a deep breath as he closed his eyes for a second. He turned his attention to me before he continued; "I choose to go for a break here in Barbados, and then before I went, I decided to quit my job and now I'm here half of the time, doing what I want and the other half working as a tour guide," he said smiling.

"That must have been a big decision," I said as I caught myself staring at him. He nodded.

"What is your reason?" I looked at the sea, thinking what my reason actually was.

"I come here, to forget what I want to forget - sometimes I even come here to forget about the things I don't remember," I said, not taking my eyes away from the sea.

"Sounds like there's a lot going on inside your head," he said with a little shy laugh.

"If you only knew," I said with a little laugh to make him a bit more comfortable. He was about to say something, when I hear my phone ringing from my pocket, I looked at the caller ID, seeing it was mum, and I had to get it.

"Sorry, I really have to get this," I said picking up my phone, feeling so rude for doing it.

"Hi mum, I'm at the beach right now, is this important?" I asked my voice so low, it felt like I was whispering.

"sorry sweetheart, but I need your help at the hotel lobby, the employee that should have come here, is sic so I need someone to take care of it - because people will start checking in, in just a few minutes," he said, as I could hear all the chaos in the background.

"I'll be there in two minutes, mum," I said hanging up.

"You have to go?" the boy asked, his smile fading as I slowly nodded.

"My mum needs my help, but I'll see you around!" I said as I started running towards the hotel.

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