Angel: Finding Family

What do you do when you wake up and suddenly look like goddess? Well, seventeen year old Angel Montgomery freaks out. Now she has to adjust to her new life of the supernatural? And you thought pimples were problematic!


1. Prologue

This is turning out to be a really crap day. And I mean, like, a really crap day. I'm currently sitting behind a car turned on it's side, with my hands over my ears. People are fighting each other with fireballs and the like, and I'm the cause, at least, that's what I've been told. WTH moment, confirmed.

Suddenly, the car I'm hiding behind flips over me and explodes whilst in mid air. I'm staring at the battle ground and this guy, he said his name was Carson, yells at me. He's telling to get out of the way. I should have listened.

I black out for like, five seconds, and I then I see Carson crouching over me. His stomach's been run through. You could see blood and bowels dripping out. Like an idiot, I sit there unable to frickin move, while Carson is kicked off of me. This white haired jerk takes his place over me and holds a spear to my heart.

Maybe I should re-wind this to the morning that led up to this whole fiasco.


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