The Beginning of the End

The end has come.


1. Introduction

Nobody thought that it'd be like this.

Everyone thought that you'd see zombies, or dead bodies everywhere.

No, this is nothing like this.

There are no zombies crawling and eating people. There are no dead bodies on the street. 

There is just animals. Animals everywhere. Animals that will eat anything and everything.

We call them Resurrections. They aren't like dogs, or cats, or birds, or guinea pigs. No, they are their own breed. They are everything. They can be small, or large, or just be humans like you and I. They can objects. They can be our mothers or brothers. They can be memories. They can even be our reflections.

They all look different to all of us. They are always something that we want to see. They could be pools of water. They could be a bracelet, or a photograph that you had lost years ago. But when you go over there to touch it, it eats you. No, not your body. Just your soul. Then it takes your body and adds it to it's extensive library of bait.

This is terrible. Now you can't even sit on your bed. You just stand in your floor and cry, cry, cry. You can only sleep for five minutes before having to move. The Resurrections are smart. They pick up fast, and, even without eyes, or ears, or noses, they can sense you. 

So you just sleep. Then you run. You run from everything.

You run from the Shooters. The Shooters were employed by the government to kill anything that looks suspicious (a.k.a. everything). If they see you, they shoot you. They do have a right to be skeptical. Everything looks different to them than it does to me. But shouldn't they just ask other people what they see. But I guess they don't think when they shoot. They just shoot. They just kill.

You run from the Hungry. The Hungry are the people who haven't eaten for a long time and have survived by some miracle. They're out to eat you.

You run from your past. You run from your childhood. You run from what you once loved. You can't trust anyone. Anyone could be a Resurrection.

And you run from yourself. You have the capability to love, to hate, to feel, to see, to cry, to laugh, to smile, to enjoy, to cherish, to think, to have feelings. And that makes you dangerous.

More dangerous than anything else.

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