Nothing Like Us (A Justin Bieber Fanfic)

Ariana and Justin have been bestfriends ever since they were in diapers! But once they were in their teenage years, they start growing feelings for eachother.


10. 10 - Seeing Justin's Mom

"Honey, The reason why your father and I are getting a divorce is, He cheated on me and we just didn't feel that spark anymore." She says. I was speechless. "We'll he deserved on getting divorced if he cheated." I say. We then talked. We hung up. 

I went to the kitchen and found a note. 

Hey Babe, 

   Went to the store for a few hours to get some snacks and then going to a meeting I have. Text me anything you want me to get or call me. I love you babe. Forever & Always. 

Sincerely, Your Handsome Cheesy Boyfriend, Justin

I smiled and grabbed my phone texting him that I need some lady supplies and a chocolate bar of any kind. He texted back okay, he'll get it after his meeting. I smile. I love him so much. Usually boys are awkward and scared to get their lady some pads. 

I sit down watching TV, waiting for Justin to come back. A few hours after watching TV, Justin comes back. "Hey how was the meeting?" I ask him. "Good. I can actually go on tour in a few weeks." He said. "Awesome." I say helping him with the groceries. I grabbed my pads and put them in the bathroom. 

I went out and ate my chocolate bar. "Why don't we go see my mom?" Justin asks. "Sure" I smile. I get in Justin's car and drive off. Nina and Ryan were on a date. We arrived. "Hey Sweetie." Pattie asks. "Hi Mom" Justin says hugging her. 

"Hi Ari." She says hugging me. I hugged her back. "Hi." I say. We catch up and it was time to leave. "Visit more often" Pattie says. "We will." Justin says. 

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